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Il colore della vittoria

Posted by Superfiend on Nov 4, 2010 8:32:44 AM

It's been almost two weeks since the Shawnee Peak Challenge. I was sore for at least three days after the event, mostly my calves, quads and glutes. I did a lot of stretching and drank a lot of water and protein mixes to aid in the recovery process. Something to keep in mind for my next event: bring the protein mix with me so I can take it immediately after the race.


The next event is Ruckus Boston, which is on the 13th.


I eventually got back into my routines, but they've been a bit different.


My Strength routine has changed, and I've only been doing one set of the whole workout instead of my usual two.

I start with a 3-4 minute jumping jacks warmup.



Overhand - 10

Thumbs - 5

Chinup - 10


Plank and leg-crossover

Hold plank 1min30sec, 15 crossovers


Pushups (which I added to vary the routine)

20, 15


Kettlebell Rows


One-leg squats, weighted with 20lb kettlebell

5-10, depending on how my knees feel


The workout is decent, but not nearly as intense as it was before.


I'm more focused on my Endurance workout now, since I recognize this as the most important aspect for the events.

I still run to the gym (1.48 miles). This part has been getting better because it's significantly colder here now.


I changed the Elliptical routine. I set the timer to 30 minutes, and the program to Manual. I've been running with an incline of 6 and a resistance of 12. This incline is supposed to target all major muscle groups in the legs and the high resistance keeps me pushing hard the whole time. I try to beat my previous records in running the 3 miles each time I do the exercise. I made a slight improvement over my first time when I ran yesterday.


I then go to the pullup bars and do ten overhand wide-grip pullups followed by as many chinups as I can do (shooting for ten at least). I've been doing fairly well with these.


I also incorporated a Back Extension on a machine which should strengthen my lower back and reduce the tightness and weakness I feel there when I run.


My first day back doing this routine I swam after the run, Elliptical and the other exercises. It was a brief swim, and I focused on kicking, but it felt good. The most recent time I couldn't do my swim because I had other things to do.


Yesterday I incorporated a well-executed isometric stretching set after my exercise which felt great. I was impressed with my flexibility, and it motivated me to work on this more.


It feels good to get back into the routine. I hit a low recently but when I went out for the run I felt much, much better which goes to show the effectiveness of those natural stress-fighting hormones. The workouts should be regularized soon and I feel like I'll be ready for Ruckus.


My friend Rob won't be coming up to join me for this one, but I will be running with someone I met at Shawnee who I expect will give me a "run" for my money.

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