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A Marauder's Story

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Bulbophyllum ankylochele

Posted by Superfiend Mar 25, 2011

It turns out my run with the new shoes was a bit overzealous. I'm effectively couched for this whole weekend, nursing my ankles.


After the run I felt great, and thought the shoes were going to be perfect. I can't be sure if it's simply the distance or the shoes themselves, but whatever it was, I felt it later that day. After remaining seated for a few hours after the run working on things for class, I went to use the stairs in my apartment building on my way to campus. I felt a sharp pain in my right ankle when I put my bodyweight on it, and I retracted instantly. I tried again, same result. I promptly scheduled an appointment with an orthopedist to have my ankles checked out. I spent my evening seething at myself, fearing a stress fracture and the possibility that a doctor would tell me I couldn't participate in the events. You might imagine the anxiety I felt having been training for months only to have possibly put myself in a position of not being able to achieve my goal.


The next day the doctor informed me that he would "bet [his] house" that it wasn't a stress fracture, which was reasonably reassuring. He sent me home with some more ibuprofen and instructed me to stay off them, ice on 30 minutes, off 1 hour, and to try a run again on Monday with my old shoes. Until then I'm sedentary. Hopefully my training will pick up again soon, otherwise this blog will become decidely purposeless.

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Ce fleuve qui nous charrie

Posted by Superfiend Mar 23, 2011

Some changes are being made in my preparation.


Firstly I've begun consulting a professional for advice on my running technique and training tips for Goruck. Hi Sarah! I'm confident that this will greatly reduce my risk of injury and most importantly keep my head in the game during the run. Technique is a big focus for me as well, but as my trainer pointed out, with the weight I'll be carrying I won't be able to worry too much if at all about maintaining perfect form.


I buckled, finally, and got another pair of shoes to be used in training and for the event itself. They are New Balance 890s and I knew I wanted them the moment I took them for a jog outside the store. The fact that they are neutral will help me develop my own sense of my form and not over-influence me in one direction. The weight of the shoe makes a huge difference as well. I was used to trudging along in my RocLites by inov8 which weigh in at 312 grams, or about 11 ounces. The 890s are 9.7 ounces which doesn't seem like a big difference, but it's definitely noticeable. The New Balance website does a good job of illustrating the difference a few ounces can make in the long run--pun very much intended. So my old RocLites will be set aside for trail running and my 890s take the forefront. The only thing left to do is see how they perform in the rain and submersion to judge water-retention, and then to finally break them in after another 15 miles or so.


Speaking of mileage, here are the data from today's run:

3-23-11 chart.png

My heart rate was generally under control and I felt light and strong for the majority of the run. I wasn't experiencing cardiovascular exhaustion by the end of the run, my desire to stop came mostly from muscle soreness. I did buy a foam roller from the running store as well, so I'll be using that often.


Tomorrow will be a light calisthenic/recovery day then I expect I'll do a light run (4-5 miles) on Friday. My trainer suggested I do 4-5 mile runs on Monday and Friday, and a longer run on Wednesday (6-7 miles) and then progressively increase the Wednesday mileage to a point while keeping the Monday/Friday distance the same. I'm still planning on a weighted run on the weekend, but I might substitute that for some weighted lunges around the block since that seems to be particularly important.

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