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Do You Still Run?

Posted by Team McGraw on Jan 23, 2010 9:04:26 PM

The post below was originally posted by Kevin Leathers, coach for Team McGraw.  Apart from being an experienced and knowledgeable athlete and guide, he also inspires our team with his spirit and dedication.  Read more from Coach Kevin in his blog titled "Can't Stop."



I run.  I have always run.  At least it feels that way.  I have been a runner for nearly 30 years. That seems like an absurd statement. I do not feel old enough to have done anything for 30 years.  But yes, 30 years.  The only thing close is my 20 years of marriage.  I am tickled that my old favorite running shoes from high school are now part of Nike's "vintage collection."  Me, vintage?  Dang.


I often get asked by old friends and acquaintances, "do you still run?"  Well, yes of course.  That question seems so silly to me.  Running is such a natural part of my life; it is like asking, "do you still brush your teeth?  Do you still eat?"


Yes, why wouldn't I still run?  I am a runner.


Kevin Leathers

National Coach

Team McGraw


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