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Jen McDevitt: Super Spirit Cheerleader

Posted by Team McGraw on Jan 24, 2010 5:12:52 AM

Readers, meet Jen McDevitt.  Jen is, without a doubt, the most inspirational member of our Team McGraw family.  Stop by "Jen McDevitt's Blog" and you will find her story straightforward and motivating.


“Mentally preparing, training, and completing a marathon is tough.  Try doing it while undergoing treatment for brain cancer.  I have done it 5 times before, and I’m doing it again.”- Jen McDevitt


The stuff of true heroes, she is our “rock star,” and I am better every day for knowing her.  In this entry from February 26, 2009 titled "Super Spirit Cheerleader," Jen chronicles her RETURN to cheerleading in the absence of a personal marathon in 2009.  However, those that know her also know that she has been cheering for each of us all along…just as we are always cheering for her.


Read her blog.  Post your comments.  Run, Jen, Run.


Jeff McMahon


Team McGraw



So......bummer.....I am not running a marathon this year, but “YYYYYEEEAAAAHHHHH,” I get to go back to my grassroots (highlighted blonde and all) and do what I was perfect at - CHEERLEADING! I do believe that I am now the official captain of the Team McGraw Cheerleading squad. I am already perfecting some rally cheers; I will post them on YouTube for you to see.


But in the meantime....


I AM running in the Shamrock Shuffle and that is going to be my mini-marathon, for lack of a better word. I hit the road yesterday with 50 degree weather - (finally...whoever said anything about global warming is lying)- and I put in 2 miles, which is a milestone for me! I was so incredibly excited to run again today, but of course it is pouring and miserable. Just so I did not lose my motivation, I opened up my garage door and jumped rope for 25 minutes looking outside. I guess you could say that I am cross-training. Running/cheerleading is a very demanding sport. I am going to be most excited to live through everyone else's running experiences this year.


I have several friends running in the Nashville Half Marathon, and all will be wearing Team McGraw, and I will be screaming my little lungs out to push them along. I may even jump in and run with a few of them.


I missed running these past several weeks. It is kinda like an old friend. You just pick up where you left off. I can't wait to be in Nashville showing my cheerleading moves to everyone. "SUPER-SPIRIT CHEERLEADER," here I come!


Here are a few ideas:











Jen McDevitt

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