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Super Bowl is Super Madness

Posted by Trish18 Jan 31, 2006


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Well it���s that time of year again. Today is ���Super Bowl Media Day��� in Detroit---that annual celebration of superfluous hype surrounding one of the most celebrated television events in the world.




As football players from both the Seattle Seahawks and the Pittsburgh Steelers answer hard-hitting questions like ���Do you like football?��� and ���What���s your favorite color?��� many are finding that the week prior to the big game can be one major distraction that has very little to do with the game itself.




But you don���t have to be an overpaid NFL athlete to have off-the-field distractions. Here at eteamz we���d like to know what kind of extra-curricular obstacles you've encountered in your team sports experience. And what did you do to overcome those distractions?


Click here to tell us your Super Sports Madness Story!




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State of The Union

Posted by Trish18 Jan 31, 2006



Tonight is the opportunity for the President to give his state of the union. That got me thinking, how are we doing in youth sports?




Is our &quot;union&quot; strong and growing or do we face significa



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Be Like Tiger

Posted by Trish18 Jan 30, 2006


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Well it���s official���Tiger Woods is pretty good. After a few weeks off from being the world���s most dominant athelete, Tiger announced he is back with a victory Sunday at the Buick Invitational in San Diego. Mr. Nike survived a sudden death playoff round to take home his record 4th Buick invitational trophy and begin his quest to defend his title as 2005 Player of the Year.




What was most striking was Tiger���s insistence that his ���laundry list of things to work on��� was still very prominent in his future plans. Which got me to thinking- if the greatest golfer in the history of the universe has a written list of things to improve upon-then maybe so should I.




My basketball laundry list as created this morning:




1) Get my shooting percentage over 30%

2) Get more offensive rebounds.

3) Use my pivot foot more.

4) Don���t let Bernie elbow me in the face anymore..




If you���ve got a ���laundry list��� of things that you���re working on to improve in your sport we���d love to hear about it.




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Year in Sports Photo Contest

Posted by Trish18 Jan 11, 2006



Attention ALL Shutterbugs!




We are currently running an eteamz Year in Sports Photo contest with our friends at Shutterfly. You can submit your own photos and vote for your favorites. Prizes will be given for the best photos. [Check it out!|



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As more time goes by, students get craftier at their sideline chants. Have things gone to far in the 21st century? Is it time to draw the line?




For the most part, display of school spirit is non-violent. Plain and simple, it is a group of students getting emotional about their alma mater or favorite sports team. But, when things start getting negative and having emotional affects against athletes, coaches or students, should a line be drawn? And, if so, how do you go about it? If chants and rituals are allowed, how does one &quot;police&quot; the situation? They may start off nice, but in many cases things seem to scale in these situations.




School spirit is good and needed. How to vent it in a manner that's enjoyable for everyone?




There is a great discussion going on about this right now on the eteamz Football forum.

[eteamz Football forum|



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ESPN Podcast

Posted by Trish18 Jan 4, 2006



Our partner, ESPN, has a great podcast featuring the best of ESPN Radio. Check it out. Listen to shows on the go through your iPod or directly on your computer.








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Database Difficulty

Posted by Trish18 Jan 4, 2006



With the excitement of the new year, and many new features scheduled to launch, come database dilemmas.




We are hard at work pinpointing and fixing the database issues, which are causing errors and slow page loading throughout the main web site as well as customer team, league and organization web sites.




We sincerely apologize and trust the new features, as well as getting the site back up to speed, will outweigh any



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Posted by Trish18 Jan 2, 2006

[|photo sharing]

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The latest eteamz Snapshotz winner: Amber was playing 2nd base and came across the middle to make this great catch!



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