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January 5, 2006



As more time goes by, students get craftier at their sideline chants. Have things gone to far in the 21st century? Is it time to draw the line?




For the most part, display of school spirit is non-violent. Plain and simple, it is a group of students getting emotional about their alma mater or favorite sports team. But, when things start getting negative and having emotional affects against athletes, coaches or students, should a line be drawn? And, if so, how do you go about it? If chants and rituals are allowed, how does one "police" the situation? They may start off nice, but in many cases things seem to scale in these situations.




School spirit is good and needed. How to vent it in a manner that's enjoyable for everyone?




There is a great discussion going on about this right now on the eteamz Football forum.

[eteamz Football forum|



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