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College Football Goes Crazy!

Posted by Trish18 on Feb 1, 2006 12:36:00 PM


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Today is college football���s National Signing Day-or as it is otherwise known--the day that universities run around in a mad frenzy to sign that back-up middle linebacker from a small high school in Texas that nobody has ever heard of.




One of the most famous recruiting legends is that of an assistant coach in the SEC who offered everything but the kitchen sink to a high school senior from Mississippi. Unable to broker a deal, and with an impending deadline approaching, the coach offered the only thing he had left to give---an arranged marriage with his nineteen year old daughter. The young running back politely declined.




Here at eteamz we wanted to hear if you had any crazy recruiting stories of any kind you���d like to share with us. Doesn���t have to be NCAA���it can be high school lacrosse or 4th grade club soccer or a hotly contested pre-school hopscotch tournament.




Click here to give us your best recruiting story and be sure to check out the football message boards as well.




(Photo Courtesy of Christian Petersen



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