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Sports and Superstitions

Posted by Trish18 on Feb 3, 2006 11:44:00 AM


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Athletes and superstitions have a long and storied past. Wayne Gretzky is known for sprinkling baby powder on his hockey sticks. Michael Jordan wore his University of North Carolina shorts underneath his Chicago Bulls uniform EVERY NIGHT. (I hope they weren���t the same pair.) And baseball reliever Turk Wendell brushes his teeth and chews licorice between every inning to give himself ���good luck��� and that ever-pervasive minty breath.




Here at eteamz we want to know if you have any particular superstitions that you use to get yourself in the ���zone.��� Whether it���s not stepping on the white lines on a baseball diamond or drinking a certain kind of Gatorade during halftime we���d love to hear about it.




Click here to give us ���your superstition��� and to see what works for other members of the eteamz community.




(Photo Courtesy of Robert Sullivan



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