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Does Super Bowl need Super Officials?

Posted by Trish18 on Feb 6, 2006 11:54:00 AM


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It���s the day after the super bowl---an important milestone in the fabric of American culture. Not just because nearly 1.4 million Americans will call in ���sick��� today but because around water coolers and playgrounds all over the country people are discussing the intricacies of the big game. And what are they talking about most? The gritty play of the Steelers? The weird Burger King commercials? No, they are talking about the officials.




In a phenomenon as rare as Kobe Bryant passing the ball the Seahawks won such critical categories as turnovers, total yards, and time of possession and still ended up losing the hallowed game. Many unbiased observers are saying the reason lies squarely on some of the worst officiating in Super Bowl history. And while many Seahawk players downplayed the effect of the officials, most Seahawk fans--including their coach���stated simply that they were ���robbed.���




Here at eteamz we���d like to know if you���ve ever had a problem with an official during a game. What happened? What did you do about it? And short or replacing officials with robots what technological advances could we use to improve team sports and make sure the contest is decided by the participants���and not those who preside over it.




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