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Are student athletes getting paid enough?

Posted by Trish18 on Feb 24, 2006 3:32:00 PM


[Brian Polak is suing the NCAA|] Originally uploaded by eteamz photos. </span></div>



The NCAA may be in very big trouble. A class-action lawsuit has been brought against the mammoth athletic institution claiming that scholarships offered by universities were more than $2500 short of the actual cost of attendance---all because of mandates dictated by the NCAA.




It could mean millions of dollars in damages and brings up an interesting question regarding the role of money and amateur athletics. Should student athletes be provided the total cost of attendance to a university that often makes millions of dollars off of their efforts? Or should they be asked to shoulder any overages just as non-athletic students are asked to do with academic-based scholarships? Or does the fact that student athletes often have no time for a part-time job make their situation different?




For the whole story check out this fascinating article by Tom Farrey of ESPN magazine. Also click here to leave your comment on this hot



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