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Buck O'Neill snubbed by Hall of Fame

Posted by Trish18 on Mar 6, 2006 12:01:00 PM



The crime of the century has nothing to do with Enron���but instead lies with the injustice done to former Negro Leagues player Buck O���Neill. Last week the Hall of Fame inducted 17 players from the Negro leagues and pre-Negro leagues era yet this list DID NOT include O���Neill���who hit .288 lifetime and was the first black coach in the major leagues. Nobody has done more to promote, celebrate, and keep alive the oral history of the Negro Leagues than Buck O���Neill.




The decision provoked angry reactions from not only hall of famers, like Ernie Banks and Hank Aaron, but also members of congress who threatened to cancel legislation that would have celebrated the inductees. Most surprising is the fact that all of these ballots are kept secret and the identity of the voters remains a mystery. The full article on Yahoo News can be found here.




This story brings up two questions. Should the identity and voting records of secret ballots for things like the hall of fame be revealed to the public? And should the baseball hall of fame take into account more than just statistics���but also factor in one���s overall contribution to a sport?




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