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This is another example of how amateur athletics can teach us more about courage and dedication than any professional sport can.




Kristi Yamaoka, a cheerleader for Southern Illinois University, was injured while performing a routine during a game against Bradley on Sunday. She suffered a chipped neck vertebrae as well as a concussion when she lost her balance and fell 15 feet to the floor while landing on her head.




Despite being strapped down to a gurney and unable to move her lower extremities Yamaoka calmed the worried 14,000 in attendance by continuing to cheer with her arms while the school band played the fight song.




Foxsports has the whole story here. Also check out the cheerleading message boards to see what other members of the eteamz community are saying. And also on a sidenote���[go here |]to find out the latest info on camps related to your f



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