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Wood Bats: The Secret To A Better Hitter

Posted by Trish18 on Mar 29, 2006 7:05:00 PM



(A great baseball tip from guest blogger Jon Doyle)




Wood bats can make you a better baseball player. All my athletes use wood bats instead of metal bats exclusively during practice with metal bats being used only during pre-game batting practice and actual game play.




Sure you may break a bat or two, but start off with a $15 or $20 bat found at the local sporting good store and the expense won't be so bad. Using a wood bat develops many wonderful skills for the hitter such as bat speed, power and control. Wood bats automatically teach the hitter important things like how to make contact with the sweet part of the bat, the proper hand path to the ball and a shorter swing. This will all lead to more hits, more home runs and more confidence.




I love to tell my younger players that because they have been such a great kid I am going to "let them use the bats that the pros (insert the kid's favorite player) use." Once you say that they will never want to use metal again! The entire experience will be more enjoyable, memorable and effective.




(Jon Doyle is a former NCAA All-American baseball player who now works as a strength and conditioning specialist. For more baseball tips check out [|http://www.baseballtraining



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