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Bribing refs is okay

Posted by Trish18 Mar 31, 2006


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File this under the ���too bizarre to be true��� department. Nigerian soccer referees are now officially allowed to take bribes from participating teams���just so long as they don���t let it affect their judgment. For the whole story on msnbc go here.




Apparently stamping out corruption is too difficult a proposition. So Nigerian soccer officials told its assembled refs during a soccer seminar to simply ���take the money��� and still call a good game.




Is this the worst idea in sports since Michael Jordan playing baseball? Or is this just a realistic approach in a country that is known as one of the most corrupt in the world?




Click here to tell us what you think about bribery and soccer officials. Also check out the soccer message boards to see what other eteamz members are saying.







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It was no big surprise that J.J. Redick was named the national player of the year by The Associated Press today. (Check out the whole story here.) What was surprising was that Adam Morrison of Gonzaga didn���t share the award with him.




Many thought that Redick and Morrison had such similar numbers and both meant so much to their team that they would end up sharing NCAA basketball���s most prestigious individual award.




But many think that Morrison suffered from playing in a ���Mid-Major������meaning his level of competition wasn���t as high as Redick���s in the ACC. But doesn���t George Mason���s brilliant run prove that the conference reputations are largely relevant?




Click here to tell us if you think Morrison should have had a share of the award or if Redick and his 26.8 ppg were more than enough to take the award. Also check out the basketball message boards to see which player other members of the eteamz community thought was more deserving.




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