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What is 'Strength'?

Posted by Trish18 on Apr 20, 2006 8:45:00 PM



(Another great sports tip from guest blogger Jon Doyle of




When most people hear the word "strength" they think of a big, muscle-bound individual - such as a bodybuilder, strongman or any baseball player of the past decade :). But, nobody ever takes the time to explain what it means.




Actually, the word "strength" is a very broad term. There are many different types of strength. Maximal, speed, reactive, relative and starting strength are all different aspects of strength. I know, I know this is confusing, but trust me you need to know this!




Basically, many differnt types of strength are needed to excel in sport. The key is to develop an athlete who has a great balnce of the different aspects of strength.




Most athletes make the mistake of judging how "strong" they are only by the weight on the bar. This is a huge mistake. There is a reason why NCCA athletes who lift the most weight are often second and third- string players. Because the weight on the bar is only one aspect of strength.




Develop an all- around athlete and he/she will not only perform better, but will be more healthy and less injury-prone!




(Jon Doyle is a former NCAA All-American baseball player who now works as a strength and conditioning specialist. For more baseball tips check out [|http://www.baseballtraining



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