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Talking to the 'Goose'

Posted by Trish18 on May 31, 2006 12:51:00 PM



(Jeff Agoos is an American soccer legend. Having won more MLS championships (five) than any other player and among the leaders in US National team appearences we thought it'd be great to chat with this "MLS Defender of the Year" and get his thoughts on the upcoming World Cup.)




So how did a kid growing up in a football haven like Texas get involved in soccer?




Good question. Even though Texas is considered one of the football capitals of the world, most of my friends played soccer. I lived in an area of dallas (N. dallas) where a lot of people played soccer instead of football.




You've had a phenomenal career. What was the most important lesson you learned as a young player that helped pave the way for your eventual success?




The biggest thing I learned as a kid, not only about soccer but about life in general, was that you have to work harder than the next person to achieve success. I was never a gifted player or a gifted student, but I had a strong work ethic and I had passion. The ability to persevere is a very important character trait.




What was playing in Germany for SV Wehen like? Any tips on Germany you could give the current team?




SV Wehen was an eye- opening experience. It was a very tough time but it taught me the lesson that soccer as a business is a tough business. I had always viewed soccer as a game. Coming back from Wehen made me realize that at the next level it's much more than just a game. My experience in Wehen and the national team experience in Germany will be very different. I would tell the team to enjoy the experience and soak up the atmosphere. It will hopefully be the best time of their lives.



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