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Interview with Laura Berg

Posted by Trish18 on Jul 12, 2006 5:12:00 PM



Laura Berg is a three-time Olympian and USA Softball mainstay since 1996. We sat down with her to get her thoughts on what it���s like to be an Olympian and the U.S. National Team���s expectations for the World Cup of Softball II this week in Oklahoma City.




Let���s start with the tough question first. Where do you keep your three Olympic gold medals?




In a safety deposit box. (Laughs)




Can you tell us a little bit about the Olympic experience?




It���s kind of hard to put into words. It���s so exciting and an honor to represent the U.S and it���s just something I consider myself lucky to be a part of. When you walk out on the field and see the crowd cheering for you���it���s really something else.




What���s one thing about the Olympic experience that would surprise most people?




The great McDonald���s diet we eat in the village.




You���ve been called the ���best centerfielder in the game.��� Is there anybody you modeled your game on when you were coming up the national ranks?




Well I don���t know if you can say that anymore. There are some really great young centerfielders like Caitlin Lowe and others who���ve come up recently. I���d have to say players like Jim Edmonds and Willie Mays were players I tried to model my game after.




Has your work as an assistant coach for the Fresno State Bulldogs helped improve you as a player?




Definitely. It���s tough to sit and watch. A lot of times I���ll see a play and put myself in that situation and see what I can do differently. You can learn a lot in this game just by watching.




How did you first get involved in softball?




When I was a kid my parents signed me and my twin sister Randi up for little league. I was the quiet twin and pretty much copied what my sister did. That led to ���Little Miss��� and ���Bobby Sox��� and finally to the U.S. National team.



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