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How To Instantly Increase Your Batting Average.

Posted by Trish18 on Jul 23, 2006 8:07:00 PM



This tip is really powerful, yet simple and to the point.




Know exactly which pitch you are looking for and do not swing unless the situation calls you to do so.




Before you go to the plate know exactly which pitch you want. If you like a fastball middle in do not swing at a curve ball low and away on the first pitch.




If you do you will likely miss or make a soft out. You certainly won't get many good swings on the ball. This is called getting yourself out. I see this way too often.




Changing this can easily skyrocket your batting average and help your team because you have a much greater chance at hitting a pitch you know you can handle than one you don't.




Hitting is already difficult enough. Please don't make it any more complicated than it already is.




Sit on your pitch and force the pitcher to come into your wheelhouse. The great ones all do this.




I know this tip may seem very simple, but do not overlook how effective it is.



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