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Interview with Major Leaguer Mike Stenhouse

Posted by mikeyactive on Aug 8, 2006 11:50:50 AM


[]Mike Stenhouse was a Major League outfielder with the Minnesota Twins, Montreal Expos, and the 1986 Boston Red Sox World Series team. We talked to him about his experience as a pro baseball player as well as his fond memories of being a Little League state champion. This is Part I of our conversation. Be sure to look for Part II next week as well as Mike's blogging for the Little League World Series Special Section.




Let���s start with the tough question first���do you think the Sox have enough to pass the Yankees for the AL East?




Sure they have enough. I didn���t like the fact they lost catcher Jason Varitek and the Yankees added some very good players. But sure they have enough���cos they have better pitching than the Yankees.




You���re a former major leaguer who played for the Expos, Twins, and Red Sox. It must have been cool for a Harvard grad to play at Fenway Park.


Certainly unusual���especially coming out of Harvard. I can remember those little meetings in the dorm hallway where people would talk about what they wanted to be. There were a lot of ���I���m gonna be a doctor or lawyer.��� But when I said ���I wanted to be a baseball player��� everybody pretty much laughed. Until I hit .480 my freshman year.




Your dad was a pitcher for the Washington Senators. Did he help you in your early baseball development?




Of course. Even as a pitcher he learned enough about hitting to be helpful to me and gave me a general knowledge of the game. Both myself and my brother���who got to triple-A with the Blue Jays���learned a ton from my father about how to play the game right.




Did he ever mention what it was like playing for Gil Hodges?




He loved Gil Hodges. Gil was known as tough but my dad loved him. Because he was fair and treated everyone the same.



For the rest of this article check out our Little League World Series Special Section.




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