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Active Team Sports

September 14, 2006


[]Steroid abuse in sports has been a growing problem for many years. Until now many states have done little to stem the tide of this public health problem. (As well as certain Major League sport leagues headed by one Bud Selig.) But the Garden State is trying to change that on that local level.




Beginning this school year the state of New Jersey will test nearly 5% of the some 10,000 high school athletes who will participate in state tournaments. New Jersey is the first state to administer steroid tests to high school athletes in such a wide-spread manner.




Athletes will be chosen at random and tests will be analyzed by the UCLA Olympic Analytical Lab in Los Angeles. Each test will run about $175���a large reason why many states have not taken the lead on this issue. It���d be great if this forces the other 49 to step up and take some immediate action.



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