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Has Oklahoma football lost its mind?

Posted by mikeyactive on Sep 22, 2006 12:24:13 PM


[]Nobody likes to lose. Especially when they think it was due to some 'questionable' officiating. But those connected to the Oklahoma Sooner football program have taken it a step further in the past week after their 'controversial' loss to the Oregon Ducks last Saturday. Just a few of the things that come out over the last couple of days:




*Oklahoma University President David Boren has called for the game to be officially expunged for the record.

*Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops has railed against the replay official being suspended for only one game--claiming that his entire season has been altered.

*Bob Stoops has also threatened to pull Oklahoma out of any Pac-10 contracted games until the officials are dealt with.

*Most distressing--the officials involved have receieved numerous death threats from Oklahoma fans.




Is this an overreaction by a football-crazed university and their fans? Or is this a grave injustice being dealt with in the only that it can be? And what does it say to young athletes about sportsmanlike conduct on and off the field? Tell us what you think...



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