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Little League pitch counts

Posted by Trish18 on Oct 13, 2006 4:55:51 PM


Beginning next year pitchers in the Little League World Series will be regulated by pitch counts organized by age. It's the same rule as applies to the regulars season but now they will be enforced during the series. (This issue was a big topic of discussion at the series. Baltimore Oriole pitcher LaTroy Hawkins was asked about it and he said "I don't want to touch that one!"




The breakdown by age is as follows:




11-12....85 pitches

9-10....75 pitches

13-16...95 pitches




For many years the medical community have been calling for pitch counts because of the increases of arm injuries among young pitchers. But others have said it's the kind of pitch--not the amount that really determines injury. There also is the fact that just some young kids are built to throw alot and some aren't.




What do you think? Should Little League institute these pitch counts? Or should this be left at the discretion of the individual managers? Tell us what you think!




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