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November 7, 2006

Ericha's November eteamz Tip

Posted by Trish18 Nov 7, 2006


Do you ever make a change to your site, then go to admire your handiwork only to find that nothing has changed? It happens when the old page is stuck in your browser's cache.  There is a quick and easy solution. Just delete your browser's cache (temporary internet files).  Click here for instructions.   








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Lynne Cox is a famed open water swimmer and author of the best-selling book ���Swimming to Antarctica���--a chronicle of her swims across the Bering Strait, the English Channel (twice), and one mile to the shores of Antarctica, through 32 degree temperature. Her new book, Grayson, is the remarkable story of her experience swimming with a lost gray whale off the coast of California when she was just 17 years old. We spoke to get her thoughts on that amazing experience and how it inspired her later ground-breaking achievements.



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Dr. Andrew Jacobs has been a sport psychologist for 25 years and has worked with all levels of competitive athletes from youth sports to the professional and Olympic level. He has graciously contributed an article he recently wrote about mental toughness. He also will be leading a teleseminar with Fred Engh about "How to avoid and overcome the issues that can ruin your child's youth sports experience." Information can be found at on 'Seminars' to sign up.




As a sport psychologist, I have dealt with numerous issues over the years related to sportsmanship, proper coaching and parenting.




It is quite common for a parent or coach to discuss with me issues about motivation with young athletes, when should you push them and when should you ease off on them. Almost always the topic of winning comes into play.




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