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Does the BCS have it all wrong?

Posted by Trish18 on Dec 7, 2006 1:13:48 PM


[]It seems there are more seasons in college football that leave a debatable choice as to who should meet in the title game than seasons that have a clear and outright top two teams that should battle for a national championship.




This season is a perfect example, with the BCS taking heat again for the way the bowl series shaped up. A handful of teams with one loss had high hopes to play the Buckeyes in the title game. Is the BCS's system of polls and computers a fair way to decide whether Michigan, USC, Florida or someone else got a chance to play Ohio State for the national crown? Or would the best team in college football be found more accurately if the NCAA came up with a playoff system?




(Photograph provided by Getty Images, taken by Stephen Dunn)



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