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December 21, 2006

Boys vs. Girls

Posted by Trish18 Dec 21, 2006



The NCAA Committee on Women's Athletics released a position statement last week calling for a ban on the use of male practice players in women's intercollegiate athletics. The statement concludes months of debate about whether the practice should continue.




According to the CWA statement, the use of male practice players "violates the spirit of gender equity and Title IX." The committee believes that "any inclusion of male practice players results in diminished participation opportunities for female student-athletes, contrary to the association's principles of gender equity, nondiscrimination, competitive equity and student-athlete well-being."




The most common argument in favor of using male practice players is that it improves female players' skills. The CWA determined that this argument implied "an archaic notion of male preeminence that continues to impede progress toward gender equity and inclusion" and believe that using male practice players is a threat to the growth of female participation.



(Photo provided by Getty Images, taken by Jim McIsaac)



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