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A quick update on Jason McElwain���that Greece, NY high school senior who, despite the fact that he has high-functioning autism, scored 20 points in the last four minutes of a basketball game last week. Well it seems that this great story of courage might just be headed to the big screen.




No less than 25 production companies have contacted the McElwain family about the rights to this compelling story. Check out the full ESPN article here detailing this fascinating story that has captured the heart o



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[Brian Polak is suing the NCAA|] Originally uploaded by eteamz photos. </span></div>



The NCAA may be in very big trouble. A class-action lawsuit has been brought against the mammoth athletic institution claiming that scholarships offered by universities were more than $2500 short of the actual cost of attendance---all because of mandates dictated by the NCAA.




It could mean millions of dollars in damages and brings up an interesting question regarding the role of money and amateur athletics. Should student athletes be provided the total cost of attendance to a university that often makes millions of dollars off of their efforts? Or should they be asked to shoulder any overages just as non-athletic students are asked to do with academic-based scholarships? Or does the fact that student athletes often have no time for a part-time job make their situation different?




For the whole story check out this fascinating article by Tom Farrey of ESPN magazine. Also click here to leave your comment on this hot



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Forget whiny skiers who can't win gold medals. And forget hockey legends who may or may not have known their wives were gambling the mortgage away on Super Bowl coin tosses. This is without a doubt the feel good story of the year.




Jason Macelwain, or J-Mac as he is called, is the team assistant for the Greece Athena High School basketball team in upstate New York. He is also diagnosed with high-functioning autism.




For a senior year present the coach put him in the last few minutes of the season's final game. What might have simply been a sentimental gesture turned out to be an amazing display of the human spirit as J-Mac not only scored...but scored big. Click here to watch the s



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[Katie Douglas drives to the basket.|] Originally uploaded by eteamz photos. </span></div>



When the WNBA, or Women���s National Basketball Association, was created many critics said it would never last. But W.H. Stickney of the Houston Chronicle has a fascinating article on this successful female sports league which is about to celebrate its tenth anniversary.




Despite cynics who claimed there wasn���t much of an audience for professional female basketball the WNBA has seen a significant rise in ratings over the last three years. Attendance and bottom-line financials continue to be a problem���but this can also be said of nearly every other sports league besides the NFL.




Does the success of the WNBA mean that there is viability for other professional female sports league such as slo-pitch baseball and team soccer? Is it the financial and logistical support of the NBA that helped the WNBA succeed? And should other male professional sports leagues take the lead to create their female counterpart?




Click here to tell us what you think about this hot-button issue. Also check out our basketball message boards to see what other members of the eteamz community are saying. And if you���d like to be a guest blogger here just click on the ���blog with us��� link on the right.




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Warming up for the World Cup

Posted by Trish18 Feb 20, 2006



The United States men's soccer team was victorious (4-0) yesterday over Guatemala. The United States is looking good, remaining undefeated in their [World Cup| Cup fever is growing. How far will the United States go? What do they need to work on? Voice your opinion here or on the eteamz Soccer boards.




Will you be at the World Cup? Please if you plan to attend.






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[Jorge Posada will NOT play in WBC.|] Originally uploaded by eteamz photos. </span></div>



Four magic words that make every sports fan tingle with delight���.���Pitchers and Catchers Reporting������




Yesterday marked the beginning of spring training when professional baseball players work on their mechanics---as well as their golf games���under the Arizona and Florida sunshine in preparation for the upcoming season.




But underneath it all is the trepidation of baseball owners, such as George Steinbrenner, over their players��� participation in the World Baseball Classic next month. Though billed as a tournament for the ���best players in the world��� many owners tried to discourage their star players from going���citing risk of injury as a main factor.




Should baseball owners (employers) have a right to dictate to their players (employees) what they can and can do? Is the relationship between player and owner different than other work relations? And is the WBC any different than other pro sports participating in exhibitions like the Olympics and all-star games?




Click here to tell us what you think about the somewhat lukewarm support for the WBC. Also check out our baseball message boards to see what other members of the eteamz community are saying.




And don���t forget to take care of your[ team registration for the upcoming season|



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[Wayne Gretzky under media scrutiny|] Originally uploaded by eteamz photos. </span></div>



We were kind of avoiding this topic. Secretly hoping that we would wake up, and like a bad episode of ���Dallas���, find out it was all a bad dream. But it���s impossible to deny that Wayne Gretzky, arguably the greatest hockey player ever, is involved directly or indirectly in some rather unsavory gambling allegations.




Whether he knew or did not know that his wife and assistant coach were placing bets is difficult to say. But what is worth debating is whether Mr. Hockey should even be in Turin to support the Canadian national hockey team.




Players for Team Canada say Gretzky should definitely be there and fully support him. But the press conferences have been dominated by questions about ���Gretzky-Gate��� and one wonders would the team have better served by Gretzky staying home. Many contend that hockey ���owes��� Gretzky this honor---but does any sport owe an athlete anything?




Click here to tell us what you think about Wayne Gretzky���s participation in the Olympics. Also check out our hockey message boards to see what other members of the eteamz community are saying. And if you���d like to be a guest blogger here just click on the ���blog with us��� link



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Express Yourself

Posted by Trish18 Feb 15, 2006



Well-rounded activities may just make better athletes, even a better person. Involvement in other sports and non-sport related extracurricular activities can prove to be great for development. Many football players take ballet to improve balance and movement. Why not take up acting? Develop expression, communication and working with the opposite sex (as most team sports are not coed).




This is one topic being discussed on the eteamz Message Boards. Jump in and [join the discussion|



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Is quitting ever okay?

Posted by Trish18 Feb 14, 2006


[What happens when a coach quits on its players?|] Originally uploaded by eteamz photos. </span></div>



On Sunday it was made official that Missouri men���s basketball coach Quin Snyder was going to step down with seven games remaining in the season and more than two years left on his contract. Though many speculate that Snyder was pushed out after a rocky start and sluggish attendance it still brings up an interesting debate regarding what is and is not okay in regards to quitting a job before it is completed.




Barring a family emergency is it ever okay to quit on your team---regardless of level? Do coaches owe their players the same level of commitment that they demand of their players? Does money play a part in the sometimes flippant regard college coaches have for the players they coach?




Click here to sound off on the quitting issue. Also check out the basketball message boards to see what other members of the eteamz community are talking about. And if you���d like to be a guest blogger here just click on the ���blog with us��� link on the right navigation.




(Photo Courtesy of Brian Bahr



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[Shaun White takes the gold.|] Originally uploaded by eteamz photos. </span></div>



It���s Shaun White���s world���we���re all just living in it. After taking the gold in Turin for the Winter Olympics snowboard half-pipe competition, Whitewith a scheduled appearance on David Letterman and numerous endorsement deals lined up is poised to become one of the most popular athletes in the world and help raise the profile of snowboarding to an unheralded level.




But it does bring up an interesting question. Does the growing popularity of extreme sports have any direct effect on youth team sports? Will youth team sports lose potential players to sports such as skateboarding and snowboarding? Or can the two co-exist without affecting each other���s growth?




Click here to tell us what you think about the relationship between extreme sports and team sports. And if you���re interested in being a guest blogger here be sure to click on the ���blog with us��� link on the right.




(Photo Courtesy of JOHN MACDOUGAL



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[Youth soccer team celebrates|] Originally uploaded by eteamz photos. </span></div>



Jaime Trecker has written a very interesting article on that examines the current condition of U.S. youth soccer���and where it���s going in the future.




Trecker describes two very divergent philosophies in youth soccer today���the AYSO model which emphasizes group participation over ultra-competitiveness and the ���select team��� track based on the Olympic Development Program which stresses player development over personal self-esteem.




It���s a fascinating article about what the primary focus of U.S. youth soccer should be. Do those two visions necessarily have to be in contradiction? Can you provide solid player development at the youth level without creating ���club teams��� that require a significant financial commitment on the part of parents? And what effect does this have on the development of American professional soccer leagues in the future?




Click here to join this lively debate. Also check out our soccer message boards to see what other members of eteamz have to say.




(Photo Courtesy of Aris Messinis



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Just want to play soccer

Posted by Trish18 Feb 8, 2006



[] Here's an interesting story about one leagues effort to play soccer along the gulf coast. People in that part of the country have had a really tough time and this goes to show that there is still much to be done.




Click here to read the story from the Slidell Sentry-News.




(Photo by Jacob Brooks, Slidel



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Much Adu about nothing?

Posted by Trish18 Feb 8, 2006


[Freddy Adu in the spotlight|] Originally uploaded by eteamz photos. </span></div>



Rumors abound that young phenom Freddy Adu, who���s been groomed as the ���poster boy��� for American soccer since being drafted as a 14-year old, may be shipped over the pond to play for English Premiership power Chelsea. As always the consideration seems to be money---Chelsea seems willing top pay a hefty $8.7 million transfer fee and help Adu���s current team D.C. United out of financial straits.




But this brings up some interesting issues regarding the sometimes blurry line between youth and professional sports. Gymnasts and tennis players routinely turn pro before the age of 18 without much protest. But in team sports things are a little different���especially in an intense soccer environment like the UK. Many question whether the move might just end a promising career before it starts.




Does D.C. United have some sort of some responsibility, considering that they drafted him in the first place, to ensure the 16-year old is not put into an unfavorable environment? Should professional team sport leagues, such as Major League Soccer and the NBA, revisit their age limits when it comes to minors? And how young is too young when it comes to professional sports?




Click here to tell us what you think about youths playing in professional sports. Also check out the message boards to see what other members of the eteamz community are saying about this and other team sports issues.




(Photo Courtesy of Jay Davis



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Good Sport, Bad Rule

Posted by Trish18 Feb 7, 2006


[Official Complaint|] Originally uploaded by eteamz photos. </span></div>



In part 2 of our series entitled ���Really Bad Officiating��� we follow a story reported in the Charlotte Observer about a basketball coach for the Houston Cougars who got a technical foul���for fainting.




Coach Tom Penders collapsed to his knees in the first half of a game Saturday against Alabama-Birmingham due to lightheadedness. He was called for a technical foul because the officials believed he was pulling a ���Bobby Knight��� and dramatically protesting the previous call. When he was carried off the court in a stretcher and given oxygen the officials realized they had made a mistake.




And they still called him for a technical---because under NCAA rules an official has complete latitude when it comes to handing out fouls.




Do you think that rule should be changed? Do you think basketball officials should adhere to a strict guideline when it comes to giving out technical fouls? And what rule in any sport would you change? (I would change the rule that says the San Diego Padres have to lose to the St. Louis Cardinals in the playoffs e[ |]to tell us what team sport rule you want changed.




And to read the entire story in the Charlotte Observer click on this link.




(Photo Courtesy of Brian Bahr/Getty Images)






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[Super Disappointment|] Originally uploaded by eteamz photos. </span></div>



It���s the day after the super bowl---an important milestone in the fabric of American culture. Not just because nearly 1.4 million Americans will call in ���sick��� today but because around water coolers and playgrounds all over the country people are discussing the intricacies of the big game. And what are they talking about most? The gritty play of the Steelers? The weird Burger King commercials? No, they are talking about the officials.




In a phenomenon as rare as Kobe Bryant passing the ball the Seahawks won such critical categories as turnovers, total yards, and time of possession and still ended up losing the hallowed game. Many unbiased observers are saying the reason lies squarely on some of the worst officiating in Super Bowl history. And while many Seahawk players downplayed the effect of the officials, most Seahawk fans--including their coach���stated simply that they were ���robbed.���




Here at eteamz we���d like to know if you���ve ever had a problem with an official during a game. What happened? What did you do about it? And short or replacing officials with robots what technological advances could we use to improve team sports and make sure the contest is decided by the participants���and not those who preside over it.




Click here to sound off on the issue of officials and team sports. And click here to check out what other members of the eteamz community are saying about the big game on our eteamz message boards.




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Sports and Superstitions

Posted by Trish18 Feb 3, 2006


[jordan|] Originally uploaded by eteamz photos. </span></div>



Athletes and superstitions have a long and storied past. Wayne Gretzky is known for sprinkling baby powder on his hockey sticks. Michael Jordan wore his University of North Carolina shorts underneath his Chicago Bulls uniform EVERY NIGHT. (I hope they weren���t the same pair.) And baseball reliever Turk Wendell brushes his teeth and chews licorice between every inning to give himself ���good luck��� and that ever-pervasive minty breath.




Here at eteamz we want to know if you have any particular superstitions that you use to get yourself in the ���zone.��� Whether it���s not stepping on the white lines on a baseball diamond or drinking a certain kind of Gatorade during halftime we���d love to hear about it.




Click here to give us ���your superstition��� and to see what works for other members of the eteamz community.




(Photo Courtesy of Robert Sullivan



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Kobe Who?

Posted by Trish18 Feb 2, 2006


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The NY Daily News this week profiled a phenomenally talented basketball player who scored 113 points in a game���and the name wasn���t Kobe Bryant. It was Epiphanny Prince---a member of the Murry Bergtraum High School women���s basketball team in Lower Manhattan. Not only did she make 54 of the 60 shots she took but she was also responsible for more than 82% of her team���s total points in a 137-32 rout.




What makes the story even more fascinating was the fact that Prince was on the verge of quitting the team the day before because of frustration over playing ���inferior competition.��� Her coach convinced her to stay and her Kobe-like effort was the result.




It does, though, beg an interesting question. Should Prince have been out on the floor so long in what was obviously a blowout? And should high school athletics have different objectives than say Kobe Bryant in a professional basketball game?




If you���d like to sound off you can click here to give us your opinion on this subject. Also check out the basketball message boards and see what other members of the eteamz community are talking about.




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College Football Goes Crazy!

Posted by Trish18 Feb 1, 2006


[Signing Day|] Originally uploaded by eteamz photos. </span></div>



Today is college football���s National Signing Day-or as it is otherwise known--the day that universities run around in a mad frenzy to sign that back-up middle linebacker from a small high school in Texas that nobody has ever heard of.




One of the most famous recruiting legends is that of an assistant coach in the SEC who offered everything but the kitchen sink to a high school senior from Mississippi. Unable to broker a deal, and with an impending deadline approaching, the coach offered the only thing he had left to give---an arranged marriage with his nineteen year old daughter. The young running back politely declined.




Here at eteamz we wanted to hear if you had any crazy recruiting stories of any kind you���d like to share with us. Doesn���t have to be NCAA���it can be high school lacrosse or 4th grade club soccer or a hotly contested pre-school hopscotch tournament.




Click here to give us your best recruiting story and be sure to check out the football message boards as well.




(Photo Courtesy of Christian Petersen



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Posted by Trish18 Feb 1, 2006

[|photo sharing]

  Crash    Originally uploaded by Team Sports. </span></div>



The latest eteamz Snapshotz winner: JJ Piccinich of Paramus, NJ (age 9 in White #12) shown crashing the boards with the Montreal Snipers AAA Minor Squirts.



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