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World Cup Video - Best Goals

Posted by Trish18 Jun 29, 2006




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Do You Use Weight Machines?

Posted by Trish18 Jun 29, 2006



I can write all day about just how misunderstood baseball training information is these days. However, I would make myself sick because it really upsets me to see kids getting such bad advice.




One such piece of advice is the use of machines in weight training.




Machines should never be used. I repeat, machines should never be used!




Do you have a machine guiding you on the baseball diamond? I didn't think so. So why in the world would you train with them?




Machines are not only useless, they can decrease performance and increase the risk of injury! That's right. Triple whammy right there.




On most machines you are sitting or lying down. In order to increase power, strength and speed your must perform ground-based movements. This means your feet are on the ground and you are standing up. Not sitting on some pretty chrome machine.




Machine strength has very little carryover to the baseball diamond for a number of reasons. The machines actually guide the weight for you. So the stabilizer muscles do not have to work. These may be one of the reasons for the high amount of injury our youth have been experiencing.




Please do yourself a favor and use good old fashioned barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls, bodyweight movements and kettlebells. Your body (and statistics) w



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Most soccer conditioning is based upon running...and rightfully so.




Typically a coach will have his or her players run distance or sprints. But never together.




This is a monumental mistake.




The game of soccer demands a player can "cruise" at lower speed and then turn on a 100% sprint at the drop of a dime. This is done throughout the entire game.




Therefore, interval training should be the basis of your conditioning work as that will have the greatest carryover to the soccer field.




Alternate periods of slower, duration running with sprints ranging from 85-100% of

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USA Softball has announced the roster for its 2006 Women's National Team.




The team will now prepare for the second annual World Cup of Softball in Oklahoma City, July 13-17 and then travel to Beijing, China for the ISF Women���s World Championships.




The roster has seventeen players and includes eleven members from the 2004 Olympic team. Be sure to check out the [World Cup of Softball special section|



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[]Delmon Young is the Tampa Devil Ray uber-prospect who THREW A BAT at an umpire last month and received a 50 game supsension. Well MLB has an interview with Delmon and to say he is "less than contrite" about the incident is an understatement.




He refused to answer questions about the suspensionprompting the interviewer to move onand didn't feel he had to do anything 'special' to win back his teammates' respect.




Most revealing of all is the reaction of TV producer Bob Grissom, who conducted the interview, at the end when he just shrugs his shoulders in disbelief. A very revealing look into a professional athlete who is acting 'way b



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World Cup Psychology

Posted by Trish18 Jun 20, 2006



Dr. Andrew Jacobs has been a sport psychologist for 25 years and has worked with all levels of competitive athletes from youth sports to the professional and Olympic level. We talked to him recently about the role of sports psychology, the mental challenges an athlete participating in *World Cup 2006 *might face, and what things athletes of any skill level can do mentally to improve their performance.




How does sports psychology affect the outcome of a game?




When teams match up the one that is mentally stronger is the one who more than likely will do better. You must be ready to deal with adversity. If you've got a mental game plan then when you fall behind you don't freak out.




Quite frankly one of the biggest issues is not dealing with success but in dealing with adversity and failure. We don't teach people how to lose but what to do when they lose and how to handle it.




Looking at the World Cup specifically--what kinds of mental challenges will the US National Team face being on the road in Germany?




One of the big things I work with athletes on is how you get yourself mentally prepared. Mental preparation involves not just focusing right before the game but also how you prepare the week before.




Talking about the World Cup team specifically one of the challenges they will face is being able to acclimate themselves. You've got to know how to deal with things like changes in time, schedule, and culture.




When I was with the cycling team in Italy I remember the guys were freaking out about things like drinking warm soda. (They don't put ice in their soda in Europe.) You've got to be able to deal with being away from friends and family and not letting cultural changes affect you.




For the rest of this interview check out our [World Cup Special Section|



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Did you know that softball/baseball injuries are the biggest reasons for children to go the Emergency Room? has fascinating data showing the rate of ER incidences among children. (I wonder what happens if you play softball--an

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[]Nick Mockford is a self- confessed football (soccer) nut and writer for We spoke to him to get his analysis of the Ghanian national soccer team���an eventual U.S. Soccer opponent.




What style of soccer can we expect from Ghana during the Cup?




Fast, counter-attacking football will be the main course served. Ghana needs to play to its strengths, which is athleticism and pace. They don���t have the quality and depth to match the best footballing nations, so they will obviously look to catch opposing teams off guard with their running ability.




What are some names on the Ghanaian national team that US soccer fans should keep their eye on?




Obviously Essien, Appiah and Muntari are the big three. Essien came to Chelsea from Lyon, both giants on the European club scene, while Appiah���s resume is nothing to be sniffed at either, having played at Parma and Juventus before heading to his current location at Fenerbahce in Turkey.




For the rest of this article check out the [World Cup Special Section|http://worldcup



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I am often asked by parents, coaches and athletes what my thoughts are on specific gains in one area of training. Too much over-thinking!




We are trapped in a world of hyped-up gadgets for training and the media makes use of a professional athlete to sell it to the public.




Let me give you an example. A question that I often receive from football players is what can I do to become faster?




Well, I have a simple answer. Run.




There are three things that greatly affect speed development.

- stride length (how far each step is when running)

- stride frequency (how fast you can pick em up and put em down)

- ground force (hard ground contact when running)




All can be improved by running.




If I only had one "thing" to choose for speed work. It would be short 10 yard and 20 yard sprints.




Football is a sport that is based on acceleration and deceleration. Primarily reactive sport. The average football play lasts no longer than 4 to 5 seconds and research has shown that most players never reach full speed during a play. You can actually decrease your 40 yard dash time by simply working on short sprints.




- you can perform the sprints in different stances and different methods

- you can work on mechanics

- develops great leg drive and power

- depending on the volume and sprint to rest ratio they can act as conditioning

- no gadgets or fancy equipment is needed

- you can vary the degree of difficulty by changing the running surface




Don't over-think things. Now don't get me wrong there are supplemental things that can be added to assist in the speed development, but try not to stray away from the primary goal!




If I wanted to become a great INDY 500 car driver, I wouldn't train on a horse? I would drive the car!




Until next time, practice hard and stay focused on your goa



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The Road to Williamsport

Posted by Trish18 Jun 15, 2006



Pairings have been set for the 2006 Little League Baseball World Series. This is the 60th World Series!




Check it out on Little League International's Web site.




We'll be launching a Little League World Series special section August 1. Be sure to stay tuned and




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Posted by Trish18 Jun 6, 2006



(Another great sports tip from guest blogger Jon Doyle of




I am going to make this post very short...Please do not make the mistake of thinking this fact lowers the importance of this message...I know you have heard this many, many times before...But have you really followed this crucial advice?




Drink Water...And Lots Of It!




With the baseball season here hydration will play a crucial role in your performance...whether or not you realize it...




Proper Hydration improves...




-Energy Levels


-Reaction Times (i.e. speed)




-Etc, I can literally go on all day...




Basically, proper hydration improves every bodily function there is. Bar none.




Ok, Jon...So How Much Should I Drink?




To Keep things simple multiply your body weight by one...I think everyone can do that




Now simply drink your bodyweight in ounces each and every day. Not soda. Not Diet Soda. Not tea. Not Gatorade. WATER!




That's it. Simple.




If you are thirsty you are already at least 2% dehydrated.




Yes, you will go to the bathroom more. That is a good thing! Your body will go drink water...oh yeah, don't gulp it.




(Jon Doyle is a former NCAA All-American baseball player who now works as a strength and conditioning specialist. For more tips check out [|http://www.baseballtraining



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<p* *for her National Spelling Bee win! This is the first female win since eteamz was officially launched to the public in 1999 (thought this was a more interesting way to put it).




The winning word was &quot;ursprache.&quot; Check out the definition on Google.




Should we add Spelling as a sport to eteamz?






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Watch Out!

Posted by Trish18 Jun 1, 2006

[|photo sharing]

  Watch Out!    Originally uploaded by Team Sports. </span></div>



The latest eteamz Snapshotz winner. This is the softball version of the &quot;The Matrix.&quot;



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