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Perhaps it's time to revisit this topic in light of one of the most exciting bowl games I've ever seen.


In overtime, Boise State decided to go for a two point conversion, and beat the Oklahoma Sooners 43-42. The Boise State Broncos did for college football what the Utah Utes did a couple years ago. They reminded the BCS that the little guy deserves a chance at the big boys. I understand the strength of schedule argument, but shouldn't they at least get a shot at the National Title?...Have a chance to earn the right to play in the national title game? If they really don���t deserve a shot at the national title (because they play in a smaller conference than Ohio State or Florida), they would probably get eliminated in the first round by the playoff system anyway.


Historically, sports have shown us that the best team the entire season through doesn���t always have what it takes to win when it counts. It just doesn���t seem to be a fair assessment, especially when people use the argument that a playoff system will never be implemented because of all the revenue that would be lost on bowl games. The thought of compromising crowning an NCAA football champion that is truly the best because of moneythat shifting the game around for the sake of entertainment instead of in an effort to uphold the integrity of the game and collegiate sports is even an optionmakes me sick. Especially from a former student-athlete���s perspective.




What about a four team playoff that includes teams like Boise State if they finish undefeated? One thing is for sure, Boise State made a lot of people think twice. Congrats to them on their great season.




What do you think?




(Photo provided by Getty Images, taken by Jeff Gross)



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