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It's January and the season is right around the corner. Some leagues are already holding sign ups. It's time to knock the rust off and get ready for the coming baseball season.




So what should the ballplayer be doing this time of year?




1.     You should perform some general conditioning work. This can be done in the form of a structured workout or can be playing other sports such as basketball or flag football.




2.     Get Your Arm In Shape. Start throwing now. It only has to be a few throws a day, but get started asap. The best way to get your arm in shape is doing so over time, not just before the season starts.




3.     Use The Tee. All great swings start with proper tee work. For those in cold weather states a tee station can be constructed in the garage or basement. Work on the tee now will ensure you enter the season with perfect swing mechanics.




4.    Have fun. Even in the off-season baseball should be fun. Make practice enjoyable, rewarding and memorable by being positive, building self-confidence and improving skill set.




(Jon Doyle is a former NCAA All-American baseball player who now works as a strength and conditioning specialist. For more tips check out .com)



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