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College football sell-out

Posted by Trish18 on Jan 15, 2007 1:18:01 AM



Watching the BCS championship game between Florida and Ohio State on January 8th, it became difficult to avoid the conclusion that the NCAA has abandoned its commitment to its student-athletes in favor of commercial payouts.





How can the NCAA possibly claim that it is in the best interest of its student-athletes, or even college football, to make the best teams sit out four to seven weeks before an important bowl game? Loss of conditioning alone is a danger to the players. Every few years, the wait becomes longer and the final game later.




In the NCAA, where these student-athletes are completely at the mercy of this organization, these young adults seem to have been sacrificed to the dollar. I would like to hear a rational, ethical explanation as to why Division I-A student-athletes are subjected to the present conditions. The obvious answer involves 12-digit dollar figures, and cities and corporations that fear any change will reduce their financial gains.




(Photo provided by Getty Images, taken by <span id="ctlInfo_ImageDetails">Andy Lyons)



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