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Athletes were involved as customers in an illicit steroid distribution network that led authorities to raid two Orlando pharmacies and arrest four company officials, a New York prosecutor said.




Customers include Los Angeles Angels outfielder Gary Matthews Jr., according to the Times Union of Albany, which first disclosed the investigation, citing unidentified sources. Matthews would not answer specific questions about the story Wednesday. Matthews said he didn't know why is name was reportedly on the client list, adding, "That's what we're working on, trying to find out. I will address it at appropriate time."




The Times Union said investigators found evidence that testosterone and other performance-enhancing drugs may have been fraudulently prescribed over the Internet to current and former Major League Baseball and NFL players, college athletes, high school coaches, a former Mr. Olympia champion and another top contender in the bodybuilding competition.



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+[] (Another great sports tip from guest blogger Jon Doyle of+ {[|])




I get this question many times so I've decided to answer for everyone to see..."Jon, what is the best way to make a lasting impression during tryouts."




It's really simple actually, but you would be surprised how many mess this up...




1. Introduce yourself to the coaches holding tryouts. This is rarely done, but instantly makes you memorable to coaches who are understaffed and overwhelmed. I don't care if you're a local legend or just moved into town yesterday. This act immediately will label you as a leader and someone a coach wants on his team.




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[] is a website that every college student knows about and many of their elders don't. Athletic administrators are becoming more familiar with it and many don't like what they see.




For those of you not familiar, students who join the site get personal pages on which they can post pictures and personal information such as cell phone numbers and class schedules.




One year ago, at the beginning of my senior season, Loyola University Chicago went as far as to forbid its athletes to belong. "That would be like banning rock 'n' roll in the '50s," Facebook director of marketing Melanie Deitch told USA Today. Almost two-thirds of the nation's college students have accounts, the company says.



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After years of holding out against equal prize money, Wimbledon yielded to public pressure yesterday and agreed to pay female players as much as male players at the world's most prestigious tennis tournament.




"Tennis is one of the few sports in which women and men compete in the same event at the same time," club chairman Tim Phillips said at a news conference. "We believe our decision to offer equal prize money provides a boost for the game as a whole and recognizes the enormous contribution that women players make to the game and to Wimbledon. In short, good for tennis, good for women players and good for Wimbledon."




Last year, men's champion Roger Federer received $1.170 million and women's winner Amelie Mauresmo got $1.117 million.




Among those welcoming the move was former six-time singles champion Billie Jean King, a pioneer for women's sports. "This news has been a long time coming," she said. "Wimbledon is one of the most respected events in all of sports and now with women and men paid on an equal scale, it demonstrates to the rest of the world that this is the right thing to do for the sport, the tournament and the world."



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Give the ref a break

Posted by Trish18 Feb 22, 2007



A Corpus Christi Pee-Wee football coach who charged and knocked down a game referee is blaming the 18-year-old ref for the attack.




Witnesses said the coach, Robert Watson was angry at the ref for ordering him off the field for cursing -- as well as at his 5- and 6-year-old players for not blocking. Watson's team, the Titans, was trailing the 49ers 12-6 with 10 seconds left in the Pee-Wee league's championship game when the incident happened.




Police Captain John Houston said the coach had been warned several times about cursing on the sidelines before his ejection. Houston said the referee was left briefly unconscious by the attack but is otherwise alright.




In the face of increasing amounts of abuse such as this from players, coaches and fans, many officials are leaving the profession. But there are steps you can take to help keep them around.



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14-year-old commits to college

Posted by Trish18 Feb 21, 2007


[] I just read a story about the recruiting trail for Washington State University's basketball program -- they are already focusing on 2010. Patrick Simon, a freshman in high school, committed to play basketball at Washington State University despite the fact that he's only in the middle of his first season of prep basketball. The Cougars on Monday made a scholarship offer to the 6-foot-7 Simon, who is only 14 and won't play there until the next decade.




Simon leads his team in scoring and rebounding and orally accepted the offer. No one from the Washington State basketball program can comment on Simon's commitment until he signs a letter of intent, which would happen in fall 2009 at the earliest.




"I've thought about it quite a bit and it all came to how good they've been doing this season, they're No. 9 now, and how coach Bennett really made the team a top team," Simon told The Spokesman-Review.




I know an oral commitment doesn���t mean a whole lot until he signs a letter of intent more than two years from now, but it still seems a little rushed. Isn���t this a little too young to make such a huge life decision? He���s only 14!




(Photo provided by Getty Images, taken by Jeff Gross)



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A new rule that says players must be at least one year removed from high school before entering the NBA is "the worst thing that's happened to college basketball since I've been coaching," says Texas Tech coach Bob Knight. Instituted last year by the NBA, the rule means exceptionally talented players must wait at least a year rather than jumping to the pros from high school.




Many coaches have said the rule helps the college game, because it lets schools showcase the players for at least one season and improve their program. But Knight, the winningest NCAA men's coach of all time (886 victories), explained why he dislikes the rule.



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News out of the University of Illinois concerning it's mascot coincidentally came shortly after a post last week about unique mascots. This post is about controversial mascots as the University of Illinois announced that it will retire its 81-year-old American Indian mascot, Chief Illiniwek, following the last men's home basketball game of the season on Wednesday. In 2005, the NCAA deemed the buckskin-clad Illiniwek an offensive use of American Indian imagery and barred the university from hosting postseason events.




Illinois still will be able to use the name Illini because it's short for Illinois and the school can use the term Fighting Illini, because it's considered a reference to the team's competitive spirit, school officials said. It is unclear if the school will get a new mascot.




School officials said they received a letter from the NCAA on Thursday that said the school will no longer be banned from hosting postseason events if it drops the mascot and related American Indian imagery. The NCAA's sanctions thus far have prevented Illinois from hosting postseason events in two low-profile sports.




American Indian groups and others complained for years that the mascot, used since 1926, is demeaning. Supporters of the mascot say it honors the contributions of American Indians to Illinois.




What side of the debate are you on?



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A father bounded into a youth wrestling match, picked up his son's winning opponent and launched him out of the ring, an episode caught on a home video. After tossing the 11-year-old boy into the air Sunday, the angry father headed toward the cameraman, the father of the airborne boy.




"I was just wrestling, then the guy throws me," the boy, Nick Nasenbeny of suburban Aurora, told WMAQ-TV in Chicago.




Ray Hoffman, the father in the video and a part-time wrestling coach, told the television station he regrets his behavior and feels embarrassed. He said his son's shoulder was injured. Hoffman also said he will no longer be allowed to coach.



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Happy ending in youth baseball

Posted by Trish18 Feb 15, 2007



A boy hit in the chest during a baseball game last summer, suffering near-fatal injuries, finally returned home this past weekend.




The family of Steven Domalewski, 13, and his community have been keeping vigil since the Police Athletic League game last June. "Once Steven comes home, it's going to be a madhouse," Marie Fullerton, his aunt, told The New York Times for Friday's newspapers.




Domalewski was hit in the chest by a line drive from a metal bat in the millisecond between his heartbeats, sending him into cardiac arrest. The condition is called commotio cordis. Three spectators rushed onto the field and resuscitated him, but the damage was done. Domalewski, then 12, suffered brain swelling and went into a coma.




His case spurred legislators in New Jersey to consider whether metal bats should be banned from all youth sports. Read our original post regarding this story spurring discussion in youth sports, Aluminum Bats Banned




(Photo provided by Getty Images, taken by Jim McIsaac)



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For the Summer Olympics in 2004, the International Olympic Committee barred competitors from writing firsthand accounts for news and other Web sites. The IOC's rationale for the restrictions is that athletes and their coaches should not serve as journalists ��� and that the interests of broadcast rightsholders and accredited media come first. Participants in the games could respond to written questions from reporters or participate in online chat sessions, but they may not post journals or online diaries, blogs in Internet parlance, until the Games were over.




However, Olympic athletes may be allowed to blog for the first time at the 2008 Beijing Games. The International Olympic Committee said Wednesday it is considering whether to let athletes post personal diaries on the Internet ��� so long as the Olympic village isn't turned into a "Big Brother" reality TV show.




The IOC athletes' commission discussed the matter with the policy-making executive board Wednesday and expressed support "in principle" for blogging, but said more time was needed to study the issue. It proposed that athletes be allowed to blog, on condition they receive no payment, post their entries as a personal "diary or journal" and do not use photos, video or audio obtained at the games.




"Athlete blogs bring a more modern perspective to the global appreciation of the games, particularly for a younger audience, and enhance the universality of the games," the press group said.



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Three words that warm the hearts of baseball fans -- "pitchers and catchers" -- are being tossed around this wintry week as Spring Training camps in Florida and Arizona open their gates for early arrivals. Pitchers and catchers report some two weeks ahead of their team mates to loosen up their throwing arms, kindling a reflex reaction among the game's faithful that spring is on the way.




Last year's spring training saw many major league stars leaving their teams for the World Baseball Classic. The 16-team tournament gave the sport a true world champion. Baseball fans around the globe had long been clamoring for an authentic world champion, and last year Japan put the crowning touch on the 17-day tournament, clinching the title with a 10-6 win over Cuba.




���It���s an opportunity to try and expand the game globally,��� said Yankees captain Derek Jeter, who plays for the United States. ���I think it���s great for the game.���




This year, after 45 days of spring training, the season starts April 1 when the Mets visit the St. Louis Cardinals, who plan to have former stars Bob Gibson, Lou Brock, Keith Hernandez and Bruce Sutter on hand to watch the championship flag get raised.



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Fastpitch softball loses a King

Posted by Trish18 Feb 12, 2007



As reported by the Associated Press: Eddie Feigner, the hard-throwing softball showman who barnstormed for more than 50 years with his "The King and His Court" four-man team, died Friday. He was 81.




Feigner, the former Marine known for his trademark crewcut and bulging right arm, died in Huntsville, Ala., from a respiratory ailment related to dementia, wife Anne Marie Feigner said Friday night. A stroke in 2000 -- a day after he threw out the first pitch before the women's softball competition in the Sydney Olympics -- ended his playing career at age 75. He left the team for medical reasons last summer and lived in Trenton, Tenn., for the last several years until recently moving to Huntsville.




With a fastball once clocked at 104 mph, Feigner threw 930 no-hitters and 238 perfect games and struck out 141,517 batters while playing more than 10,000 games. He was inducted into the National Senior Softball Hall of Fame in 2000.




Feigner not only pitched from the standard mound, 46 feet from home plate, but also from second base, behind his back, on his knees, between his legs, from center field and blindfolded. In a nationally televised exhibition against major-leaguers at Dodger Stadium in 1964, he struck out Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Maury Wills, Harmon Killebrew, Roberto Clemente and Brooks Robinson in order.



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What's in a mascot?

Posted by Trish18 Feb 9, 2007

Meredith College announced that it is looking for a new mascot. Meredith adopted the angel as its mascot in 1980, but the all-women's college has decided to toughen up and go in a new direction.


"I love the history of angels," said Meredith Roberson, captain of the tennis team and a member of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. "But our sports are so up-and-coming...we need something more competitive."


Having competed against many different schools and a variety of mascots, I know how important they can be to their communities. I've always been interested in the history behind why a certain team or school acquired their mascot. I did a little research to come up with some of the more unique mascots in sports that I believe are worth sharing:


  • UC-Santa Cruz Banana Slugs

  • Freeport Pretzels

  • Lansing Lugnuts

  • Toledo Mud Hens

  • Albuquerque Isotopes

  • Savannah Sandgnats

  • Scottsdale Community College Fighting Artichokes


What's the most unique team name you have heard of or encountered, from any level, in your sports experience?

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International Friendly?

Posted by Trish18 Feb 8, 2007


[]Second half goals from Jimmy Conrad and Landon Donovan gave the United States a 2-0 victory over Mexico last night in an international friendly match.




However, emotions flared late, with Mexico's Rafael Marquez and U.S. forward Eddie Johnson exchanging shoves. Mexican goalkeeper, Oswaldo Sanchez, attempted to slide tackle Landon Donovan after he scored his goal. After the final whistle blew, the Mexicans strode off the field without shaking the U.S. players' hands or exchanging jerseys, as is customary.




"The sportsmanship -- it would be nice if you guys and the Mexican press talked about it, because it's really poor," Donovan said. "When we lose to them there, we shake their hands and say, 'Good job.' There's none of that reciprocally, and it's kind of disappointing."




The traditional value of sportsmanship is being challenged from

all sides: professional, college, high school, and even in youth sports. There are some who say sportsmanship is becoming a lost art and that unless we remind ourselves of the essentials of sportsmanship it will gradually fade as other values have done in our society.




In the midst of all this, it seems doubly important that we recommit ourselves to guiding our youth by reminding them what sportsmanship is all about. Help the effort by rewarding them for showing good sportsmanship and showing, by our example, that sportsmanship is still alive and valued in youth sports today.




(Photo provided by Getty Images, taken by Stephen Dunn)



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<span style="font-weight: normal">[] Today is National Girls and Women in Sports Day! Join </span>thousands of sports educators, coaches, athletic directors, recreation directors, association members, sponsors, students, and parents across the country in showing your support of the Day and of this year's theme, &quot;<span style="font-weight: normal">Throw like a girl ��� Lead like a champion!</span>&quot; NGWSD is celebrated in all 50 states with community-based events, award ceremonies, and activities honoring the achievements and encouraging participation of girls and women in sports. Whether you are a new participant or a veteran, your support of the Day will go a long way to increase visibility for female athletes and advance their struggle for equality in sports.




NGWSD began in 1987 as a day to remember Olympic volleyball player Flo Hyman for her athletic achievements and her work to assure equality for women's sports. Hyman died of Marfan's Syndrome in 1986 while competing in a volleyball tournament in Japan. Since that time, NGWSD has evolved into a day to acknowledge the past and recognize current sports achievements, the positive influence of sports participation, and the continuing struggle for equality and access for women in sports.




NGWSD is jointly organized by the National Girls and Women in Sport Coalition. The Coalition combines the experience and resources of the six premiere girls- and women-serving organizations in the United States: Girl Scouts of the USA, Girls Incorporated, the National Association for Girls and Women in Sport, National Women's Law Center, the Women's Sports Foundation, and the YWCA USA.




Collectively, these organizations have been in existence for over 427 years and have a membership reach of 5.5 million girls and women.







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Rivalry Week

Posted by Trish18 Feb 6, 2007


[] At any given time there is a good chance that ESPN, ESPN2 or ESPN Classic is on in my apartment. I couldn't help but notice that ESPN has devoted this week to showing the top rivalries in college basketball. Rivalry Week is a great concept; schedule all the big time rivalries in a one-week span to get people excited about the upcoming conference tournaments and, ultimately, the NCAA Tournament.








Games that are annually shown during Rivalry Week include: Duke vs. North Carolina, Missouri vs. Kansas, Syracuse vs. Connecticut, Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State, Villanova vs. Saint Joseph's, and Kentucky vs. Florida.





Are there any great rivalries that you know of that they are missing from their line up?




(Photo provided by Getty Images, taken Grant Halverson)





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[]Following last year's decision to bring Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) to schools in West Virginia, Konami enlisted the help of West Virginia University and the West Virginia Public Employees Insurance Agency to conduct a study on the benefits of playing DDR. Businessweek recently reported that the research, which primarily involved the children of PEIA policy holders, revealed that &quot;consistent use&quot; of the dancing game &quot;improved the health, attitudes and behaviors of participating children.&quot;




The at-home clinical study looked at a 24-week period and required that participants play DDR five days per week for at least 30 minutes and record their activity. At the same time, WVU monitored health indicators throughout the period, including weight, blood pressure, body mass index, arterial function, fitness levels and attitudes towards exercise.



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Special Super Bowl

Posted by Trish18 Feb 3, 2007



Two good friends who happen to be NFL coaches are already front-and-center in this Super Bowl, and kickoff hasn���t even taken place yet.




Lovie Smith became the first black head coach to make it all the way to the NFL's marquee game when his Chicago Bears won the NFC championship on Sunday. About four hours later, his pal and mentor, Tony Dungy, joined him there when his Indianapolis Colts took the AFC title. For the first time in the big game's 41-year history, not one but two black head coaches will be on the sidelines.




&quot;It means a lot,&quot; Dungy said after a 38-34 victory over the New England Patriots. &quot;I'm very proud to represent African-American coaches.&quot;




Smith was one of Dungy's assistants when the two were with Tampa Bay from 1996-2000, and they established a friendship that has grown in the years since. Now, the two buddies will go to the Super Bowl -- with the chance to win a championship.




Smith and Dungy already have sealed a huge victory for minority coaches, regardless of who brings home a championship.




Perhaps Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney said it best, &quot;I'm happy for both coaches. I hope we get to the point we don't have to hear about it.&quot;




(Photo provided by Getty Images, taken by Scott Halleran)



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[]One of the most challenging parts of working with young athletes is when older athletes, who often act as role models, lose control and act out in immature and unsportsmanlike ways. Part of the problem is I have to explain this behavior to young athletes and attempt to get them to understand the negatives associated with this acting out. (Photo Courtesy of Marc Serota/Getty Images)



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Posted by Trish18 Feb 1, 2007

[|photo sharing]

  Foul??    Originally uploaded by Team Sports. </span></div>



The latest Snapshotz winner (submitted by Ed Stover): Typical of the hard play between two of the best teams in the Richmond Summer Lacrosse League as Alexander Ayers (2), Court Weisleder (32) take the ball from Bart Farinholt, Jr.. John Titus is the Referee. Notice the ball just abovethe helmet of number 2.



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Ericha's February eteamz Tip

Posted by Trish18 Feb 1, 2007


Many admins have been gearing up for the spring season and asking how to get things ready. Prepare your site for your new season by reading our New Season TutorialPLUS members have the ability to add multiple seasons and archive the previous season's data.   Schedules, Rosters, Divisions, Board and Teams will be archived.  Visitors to your site can choose to view past seasons by selecting from a season drop-down menu within those sections.



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Focusing on Priorities

Posted by Trish18 Feb 1, 2007



In an effort to reach more prospective student-athletes, parents, coaches

and administrators, the NCAA First Team program has launched a web site. The

site will help young athletes interested in playing college basketball prepare

for the recruiting process and stay disciplined during their high school years.

First Team does a great job for prospective basketball student-athletes. In an

age where sixth-graders are being ranked on their athletics ability, it���s

important to encourage and facilitate ways to keep kids focused on their priorities.




First Team is a year-round educational program designed to promote

the value of education and the proper role of athletics in the educational

process. The program supports participants throughout high school and

seeks to provide information that will help prospective student-athletes and

their parents successfully navigate the collegiate recruiting process. It

emphasizes maintaining a balance between academics and athletics.




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