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Happy ending in youth baseball

Posted by Trish18 on Feb 15, 2007 12:52:58 PM



A boy hit in the chest during a baseball game last summer, suffering near-fatal injuries, finally returned home this past weekend.




The family of Steven Domalewski, 13, and his community have been keeping vigil since the Police Athletic League game last June. "Once Steven comes home, it's going to be a madhouse," Marie Fullerton, his aunt, told The New York Times for Friday's newspapers.




Domalewski was hit in the chest by a line drive from a metal bat in the millisecond between his heartbeats, sending him into cardiac arrest. The condition is called commotio cordis. Three spectators rushed onto the field and resuscitated him, but the damage was done. Domalewski, then 12, suffered brain swelling and went into a coma.




His case spurred legislators in New Jersey to consider whether metal bats should be banned from all youth sports. Read our original post regarding this story spurring discussion in youth sports, Aluminum Bats Banned




(Photo provided by Getty Images, taken by Jim McIsaac)



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