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Cheerleading Concerns

Posted by Trish18 Apr 4, 2007


[]All right, I know the debate of whether or not cheerleading is a sport has plenty of people who support both views. I���ve seen cheerleaders participate and compete all the way up through the collegiate level and I think the twists and flips they perform while flying through the air can demand many of the same skills that are used in gymnastics.




The American Heritage Dictionary defines sport as, ���Physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively.��� I realize cheerleading isn���t as fast-paced as basketball or hard-hitting as football, but I do contend that it falls within the definition of what constitutes a sport.




If more states recognized cheerleading as a high school sport, perhaps they would receive more funding, better-trained coaches, and the resources squads need to become more competitive.



Do you think cheerleading is a sport?


(Photo provided by Getty Images/David Stluka)



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Cobras and Siblings

Posted by Trish18 Apr 4, 2007

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  Cobras and Siblings    Originally uploaded by </span></div>



When the Cobras win, the whole FAMILY celebrates! We took this after a tournament, with all our girls and their brothers and sisters, well the ones that would fit in the picture anyway!



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Ericha's April eteamz Tip

Posted by Trish18 Apr 4, 2007

Why does the Game Name entered override display of score?

We've received this question quite a bit lately so I wanted to bring it up to the entire community in case you've come across it too.  Some of you like to add a Game Name for your games, instead of leaving it as the default format (Team A vs.Team B).  If you have a Game Name entered it will override the display of the score on the Schedule, Calendar and Home Page.   If you would like to see the display of the score without clicking the link to the game, you'll want to edit your game and remove the Game Name.   You may edit the game within the Games section of the Schedules folder.   Click the edit icon located to the right of the game, remove the Game Name and click "Update Game."


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