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Spreading baseball around the world

Posted by Trish18 on Apr 18, 2007 1:17:00 PM




                              David Rhode used to sell detergent and dishwashing liquid. Now he sells the power of baseball.




Rhode is founder and Executive Director of Pitch In For Baseball,

a charity that collects "gently used" baseball equipment and

distributes it to teams around the world who have difficulties

acquiring the gear necessary to play America's pastime. "We get stuff

and we give it away," David says with a chuckle. "It's not meant to be




It may not be complicated, but it certainly has been successful. So

far Pitch In For Baseball has supervised the delivery of over 12,000

pieces of equipment to locations as diverse as Eastern Europe and the

Middle East.



Rhode hit upon the idea after a stint as a marketing associate for

Proctor and Gamble, and 12 years running the family automotive repair

business. "I turned 40 and was looking for something more meaningful.

After we sold the business, I met a local guy who was collecting

baseball gloves for kids in Poland. I told him, 'That's a great idea.

Can I steal it?'"




Read on to learn more about how Pitch In For Baseball has helped kids and communities across the world.



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