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Sharing seats with a rival

Posted by Trish18 on Apr 23, 2007 12:31:37 PM



Just because you���re rivals on the field doesn���t mean you have to be at odds off the field as well. The Alabama-Huntsville and North Alabama softball teams are a perfect example of this.




The two teams recently shared a bus on a road trip to Florida for weekend doubleheaders. The coaches discovered that both of their programs were headed in the same direction at the same time and decided to save their institutions some money.




I think this was a heads-up move by the coaches regarding fiscal responsibility, and for showing their players that it���s okay to communicate, be reasonable, and even share seats with your rivals.




During my four years of college softball, we did our fair share of fund-raising and dollar-stretching. I wouldn���t have minded sharing a bus with our cross-town conference rivals to save our program time and money ��� we only used half of the charter bus anyway and most of us were sleeping at any given moment. I believe the biggest issue we would have encountered is agreeing on what movie to watch.




I���m trying to envision what it would be like if the Yankees and Red Sox were in a similar situation���



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