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Beginning Aug. 1, Division I coaches will no longer be able to send text messages to their top recruits. The Division I Board of Directors approved a proposal that prevents coaches from text messaging prospective student-athletes.




The Division I Student-Athlete Advisory Committee urged the removal of text messaging as a recruiting tool, and the Board of Directors cited that position as the top reason it approved the proposal eliminating all forms of electronic communication except e-mail and faxes.




Student-athletes called text messaging intrusive and said it was overused, convincing board members that text messaging and other electronic forms of communication are inappropriate forms of contact between a coach and a prospect.




I don���t think there���s much of a question that text messaging is an invasive form of recruiting, and student-athletes had voiced their displeasure about receiving dozens of the messages each day, many during school hours and at their own expense. It is definitely time to draw the line somewhere.



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