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Despite popular debate, BCS unchanged

Posted by Trish18 on May 9, 2007 9:39:20 AM



Bowl Championship Series* officials concluded three days of meetings last week with no major changes being made to the system used to crown a college football champion.




Among the wide range of BCS issues that were discussed included the standings and automatic qualification standards. The commissioners from the 11 major conferences and Notre Dame athletic director Kevin White decided to continue with the current system as-is.




There has been a cry to only make conference champs eligible to play for the national championship as well as to change the rule allowing a maximum of two teams per conference in the five big-money bowl games. There was reportedly no support to revise the current BCS system.




Last season, the BCS produced another controversial championship game. When the final BCS standings were released, Ohio State and an was left behind with no chance to have a crack at the title. The debate over whether the Gators or Wolverines should've played the Buckeyes raged for weeks and stirred up much discussion on improving the BCS system.




I would love to see some type of college football playoff system worked out. To reference a blog I wrote after Boise State came through with that thrilling victory:




Historically, sports have shown us that the best team the entire season through doesn���t always have what it takes to win when it counts. It just doesn���t seem to be a fair assessment, especially when people use the argument that a playoff system will never be implemented because of all the revenue that would be lost on bowl games. The thought of compromising crowning an NCAA football champion that is truly the best because of moneythat shifting the game around for the sake of entertainment instead of in an effort to uphold the integrity of the game and collegiate sports is even an optionmakes me sick.




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