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Baseball Blunders

Posted by Trish18 on Jun 12, 2007 10:33:50 AM


Within the last week in the world of baseball:



  1. Alex Rodriguez shouted something while running towards third base to distract the third basemen from catching a pop up.


  1. Not only teammates, but battery-mates Carlos Zambrano and Michael Barrett of the Chicago Cubs got in a fist fight in the dug out.


  1. Lou Pinella received a three-day suspension as Major League Baseball cited contact he made while arguing with and kicking dirt on an umpire.


  1. A minor-league manager went on a tirade that lasted just over two minutes, tossing bases and army-crawling across the field. It reminded me a little bit of a 1-year-old crawling around as he made a fool of himself and his team, and disrespected the umpires and the game.


Is this more than baseball can handle on top of the steroid issue? Is the integrity of baseball going downhill faster than it can be stopped?



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