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Little League Instant Replay: Progress or Problem?

Posted by mikeyactive on Jul 30, 2008 10:30:31 AM

From NBC Sports:

  “Little League Baseball will use instant replay at this  year’s World Series to review questionable home runs and other close plays at  the outfield fence, beating the major leagues in instituting a system to review  some disputed calls.”


So for someone who has been to two* World Series tournaments in Williamsport* I’m not sure  this is a great development. Doesn't instant replay detract from the youth sport  element of the games? Isn't one of the tenants of  Little League  dealing with bad calls/adversity in a healthy way--not make sure we get the call "right." Or has the *Little League World Series* already become a worldwide  media event that has more in common with the *Super Bowl *than the sandlot game down the street?


Join the discussion. Would love to hear what you other youth baseball folks think?


  The rest of the NBC story.




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