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Active Team Sports

December 30, 2008

Last year I wrote about my resolution to be a more effective (or simply effective) pitcher in my rec league. While I was confident of my chance at success, I missed the mark for a variety of reasons (injury, time, laziness, a complete lack of physical talent, etc.)

As it turns out I'm not alone. A recent resolution study indicated that 52 percent of participants were optimistic they would reach their goals, yet only 12 percent actually achieved their goals.

According to the study, "An extra 22 percent of men achieved their resolution when they engaged in goal-setting, and women were almost 10 percent more likely to be successful when encouraged to persist in the face of setbacks."

So here's my (second) attempt at creating a lasting team sport resolution through goal-setting:

  • Start lifting weights 2x a week to strengthen arm
  • Read an article a week about pitching mechanics
  • Ice after every time I pitch
  • Do soft-toss 1x a week

Now that I've put myself out there for public humiliation, I'd love to know what everybody else is gonna work on. Whether you're a coach or a player we've all got things to improve on--especially when you're sporting a 65mph fastball.

Good luck everybody!


*For some more help on creating lasting goals check out this cool Active goal-setting article.** </p>
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