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Beating negative self-talk

Posted by mikeyactive Jan 10, 2007



Dr. Andrew Jacobs has been a sport psychologist for 25 years and has worked with all levels of competitive athletes from youth sports to the professional and Olympic level. He recently led a teleseminar with Fred Engh about "How to avoid and overcome the issues that can ruin your child's youth sports experience." Check out Dr. Jacob's Web site, to learn more about his teleseminars and about his relaxation/visualization audio programs that will help you mentally prepare for athletic competition.


We have all had the dream. Standing at the free throw line with a chance to win the game, having to get one more out in the bottom of the ninth for the victory or needing one more point to win and walk away as the champion.


The Kansas City Chiefs failed to advance in the 1996 playoffs after place-kicker, Lin Elliot, missed his third of three field goals in a home loss to the Colts. After the game, Elliot was interviewed at and when asked what he was thinking before the last kick, stated, "I was trying not to be negative.��� Well, when you are trying not to be negative, you are doing what you are trying not to do���.and that is being negative.


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[]This is the second part of our conversation with Lynne Cox, author of Swimming to Antarctica and her newest book 'Grayson'--the story of her experience with an abandoned gray whale off the coast of California. Here we discuss how she trains for her open water swims and where she plans to swim next.


Grayson would be 30 years old now. Do you think of him often? Oh yeah. How could you not? It's like having a relationship with somebody and they move on, and you always wonder what happened to them. Did he have a family? If I'm swimming off Palos Verdes and I see the migration of the gray whales, I always wonder if he's out there with them.


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Holiday Sport Book Reviews

Posted by mikeyactive Dec 11, 2006



Beyond Basketball

Part-motivational tome/part- memoir, this book from Duke Men's Basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski is, as the title suggests, a blending of sport and life lessons learned during Krzyzewski's twenty-year coaching career. "I am a believer in the power of words," says the author and the book reflects this in its organization of the book through wordssuch as passion, excellence, and integrity that Krzyzewski often employs his players to visualize during a game.



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Dr. Andrew Jacobs has been a sport psychologist for 25 years and has worked with all levels of competitive athletes from youth sports to the professional and Olympic level. He recently led a teleseminar with Fred Engh about "How to avoid and overcome the issues that can ruin your child's youth sports experience."  Find out more information about this teleseminar or Dr. Jacob's other audio programs at




[|] So what will it take to be a champion beyond natural physical talent and ability?




Coaches will have to have the knowledge and experience to know what to do in certain situations. However, if you ever listen to interviews with athletes on victorious teams, there will always be references to the importance of teamwork, trust and confidence.



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[]The administrative side of a baseball coach can be as important as a 'game winning hit in the bottom of the seventh!' Proper planning will make a difference in how your team will play as well as affect fan support. Plan the little things in advance and assign people not involved in the actual game to help out the program.... (More)




(Provided by Chip Baker of Florida State University)



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[]As the line between education and entertainment in collegiate athletics continues to be blurred the NCAA faces possible pressure from Congress to revoke their tax exempt status on the large amount of money spent and raised by high-profile sports such as basketball and football.



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[]Researchers at King's College in London are claiming a connection between the size of a woman's ring finger and her ability to "achieve higher levels in sport."




BBC has the whole story.



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Sports and gender

Posted by mikeyactive Nov 16, 2006


Interesting article in the Coloradoan about how men's sports, both professional and collegiate, continue to outpace women's sports in attendance despite a drastic increase over the the last decade in the level of play of women's sports. One fascinating point made in the article is that the short amount of time, just 30 years, that women's sports have been competing in the marketplace might have something to do with that and that is unfair to compare the two.



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Did Bobby Knight go too far?

Posted by mikeyactive Nov 15, 2006


[]Texas Tech basketball coach Bobby Knight is no stranger to controversy. But even he was surprised at the uproar surrounding his ���interaction��� with sophomore forward Michael Prince this week.



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[]Ten years ago the Golf Channel was launched despite many in the TV sports industry saying it had no chance. People said it was too specialized and you couldn't possibly devote one channel to a single sport. But a decade later it now grosses 100 million dollars of ad revenue-- trailing just behind ESPN and FSN in that category. (Sports Biz has an interesting post on this.)



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[]Though this isn't a pro sports blog this is an issue that...well...everybody here is talking about. For those who've been decorating their cave for the last few days Detroit Tiger pitcher Kenny Rogers had some 'questionable substance' on his hands during game 2 of the World Series. The big question is....was he cheating? And if so why wasn't he busted?



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A high school in Oscoda, Michigan has been informed by its school district that because of its inability to win a game���or even a single point���that the team���s remaining games will be cancelled.




The move had been opposed by players and parents but coach Kyle Tobin decided to make the move when he realized that his players were being physically dominated to such an extent to make injury a very real possibility. ESPN has the story.




But is it okay to ever quit? Does this send the wrong message to the players about competing? Or is it okay since football is such a physical sport. Tell us what you think!



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[]Liriano is a phenom rookie pitcher for the Minnesota Twins who got shut down for the season after re-injuring his pitching arm during a game after a few weeks off due to a strained elbow. What has made it even more interesting is the many reactions that have come innamely that the Twins were to blame in rushing him backand whether team officials should have noticed a noticeable twinge on Liriano's part during his second-to-last pitch.




Baseball Think Factory has a very[ interesting breakdown of Liriano's pitching mechanics|] which is very informative for pitchers of all ages.




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[]Nobody likes to lose. Especially when they think it was due to some 'questionable' officiating. But those connected to the Oklahoma Sooner football program have taken it a step further in the past week after their 'controversial' loss to the Oregon Ducks last Saturday. Just a few of the things that come out over the last couple of days:




*Oklahoma University President David Boren has called for the game to be officially expunged for the record.

*Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops has railed against the replay official being suspended for only one game--claiming that his entire season has been altered.

*Bob Stoops has also threatened to pull Oklahoma out of any Pac-10 contracted games until the officials are dealt with.

*Most distressing--the officials involved have receieved numerous death threats from Oklahoma fans.




Is this an overreaction by a football-crazed university and their fans? Or is this a grave injustice being dealt with in the only that it can be? And what does it say to young athletes about sportsmanlike conduct on and off the field? Tell us what you think...



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[]I should preface this by saying....I'm rooting for Michelle Wie. I want her to do well. But with the second round of the 84 Lumber Classic not even completed she is a staggering 23 shots off the leader and a virtual certainty to not make the cut.




This isn't so much about golfor even genderbut about whether a young girl was rushed to the big state of PGA golf. Many golfers are quietly saying this reinforces the idea that women do not BELONG in professional men's golf. Do you think that's true? Or is this a case of too much, too soon--with the promise of endorsements being too tempting to pass up.




ESPN has the whole story.



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