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[]Steroid abuse in sports has been a growing problem for many years. Until now many states have done little to stem the tide of this public health problem. (As well as certain Major League sport leagues headed by one Bud Selig.) But the Garden State is trying to change that on that local level.




Beginning this school year the state of New Jersey will test nearly 5% of the some 10,000 high school athletes who will participate in state tournaments. New Jersey is the first state to administer steroid tests to high school athletes in such a wide-spread manner.




Athletes will be chosen at random and tests will be analyzed by the UCLA Olympic Analytical Lab in Los Angeles. Each test will run about $175���a large reason why many states have not taken the lead on this issue. It���d be great if this forces the other 49 to step up and take some immediate action.



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[]British newspaper 'The Daily Telegraph' published an open letter from 110 psychologists, teachers, and children's authors declaring that children surrounded by processed food and technological stimulation may be losing a very important part of their life--their childhood.




MS NBC has a fascinating article on how kids need things like real physical activity--not video games to help their developing brains. Very interesting stuff.




What do you think? Are kids being made into mini-adults...or is this how it's always been?




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[]Jason Bay is one of the most exciting young players in Major League Baseball. As an outfielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates he was named ���Rookie of the Year��� in 2004 and has already been named to the National League All-Star team twice in his young career. We spoke with him recently to get his thoughts on playing baseball in Canada and what it was like at the Little League World Series in 1990.




How does a kid from Trail, B.C. end up playing baseball���and not the great sport of hockey? I actually played both (hockey and baseball) until I was about 12 or 13. After that I just played baseball because I like it more.




What���s the Little League scene like in Canada? It's certainly not what it's like in the states. There are teams and fields, but just not all over the place. Obviously there is more hockey played than baseball. But I think baseball is gaining more popularity in Canada due to the fact that more major league players are from there.




What was it like playing in the Little League World Series? It was awesome. Coming from a small town like Trail BC, and then playing in front of all those people at 11 years old was just amazing. It's something I'll never forget.



For the rest of this interview check out our Little League World Series special section.....




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[]Mike Stenhouse was a Major League outfielder with the Minnesota Twins, Montreal Expos, and the 1986 Boston Red Sox World Series team. We talked to him about his experience as a pro baseball player as well as his fond memories of being a Little League state champion. This is Part I of our conversation. Be sure to look for Part II next week as well as Mike's blogging for the Little League World Series Special Section.




Let���s start with the tough question first���do you think the Sox have enough to pass the Yankees for the AL East?




Sure they have enough. I didn���t like the fact they lost catcher Jason Varitek and the Yankees added some very good players. But sure they have enough���cos they have better pitching than the Yankees.




You���re a former major leaguer who played for the Expos, Twins, and Red Sox. It must have been cool for a Harvard grad to play at Fenway Park.


Certainly unusual���especially coming out of Harvard. I can remember those little meetings in the dorm hallway where people would talk about what they wanted to be. There were a lot of ���I���m gonna be a doctor or lawyer.��� But when I said ���I wanted to be a baseball player��� everybody pretty much laughed. Until I hit .480 my freshman year.




Your dad was a pitcher for the Washington Senators. Did he help you in your early baseball development?




Of course. Even as a pitcher he learned enough about hitting to be helpful to me and gave me a general knowledge of the game. Both myself and my brother���who got to triple-A with the Blue Jays���learned a ton from my father about how to play the game right.




Did he ever mention what it was like playing for Gil Hodges?




He loved Gil Hodges. Gil was known as tough but my dad loved him. Because he was fair and treated everyone the same.



For the rest of this article check out our Little League World Series Special Section.




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[]Floyd Landis on steroids. That was the text message I got yesterday morning as I was preparing my filtered French Press coffee. And without jumping to conclusions it appears that the feel-good story of the year has turned into a tawdry indictment of the Tour de France and the professional cycling community as a whole.




In Wednesday's post I asked if anyone could think of an accomplishment to rival that of Floyd Landis at the Tour de France. Unfortunately I now have to ask if you members of the eteamz community have seen a sports scandal as shocking as this.



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