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College eligibility for sale

Posted by Trish18 Mar 1, 2006


[James White dunks during H.S. All-Star Game|] Originally uploaded by eteamz photos. </span></div>



Mark over at SportzBizBlog has a fascinating article on ���high schools��� that do little more than hand out high school credits for young basketball players trying to get college eligibility. Not only do these ���schools��� rarely have teachers-- and any students other than basketball players-- but they have also formed the National Elite Athletic Association to facilitate shoe company endorsements and television deals which can line many pockets along the way.




Has the AAU phenomenon gone too far in regards to amateur basketball athletes? Should the role of extra-curricular athletic organizations be regulated when it comes to youth athletics? Or should young athletes be afforded the chance to hone their skills in a competitive and structured environment?




Go here to comment on this issue. Also check out the basketball message boards to see what other members of the eteamz community are



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