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The Greatest Sports Nicknames

Posted by Trish18 Mar 27, 2007


[]Last month I posted an entry that covered a few of the most unique mascots that I could dig up. When I posted the topic to our message boards, there was some very interesting feedback on mascots from all over.




Today I decided to sift through some of the great sports nicknames and post up a list of my favorites. Many people say the creation of sports nicknames is a lost art and that athletes just don���t have nicknames like they used to. To an extent, they have a point; modern nicknames are, for the most part, boring and unimaginative (T-Mac, A-Rod, etc.) I'd like to salute a few of the great ones from the past in a brief list of my favorites (in no particular order):


The Iron Horse (Lou Gehrig) ��� There are few nicknames that are more apt in their description of a player than ���The Iron Horse���, earned by Gehrig during his long-standing record streak of 2,130 consecutive games played.




Shoeless Joe (Joe Jackson) ��� This is one of my favorite

nicknames of all time. Joe Jackson earned the name ���Shoeless��� when, as

a young player, he took off a pair of spikes that hurt his feet and

played the outfield wearing only socks.



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No Goal!

Posted by Trish18 Jan 3, 2007

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  No Goal!    Originally uploaded by Team Sports. </span></div>



The latest Snapshotz winner (submitted by Kay Jackson): One of 37 saves by Komet Goalie, Nathan Jackson, during the 2006 Chicago Cup Thanksgiving Classic.



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[Wayne Gretzky under media scrutiny|] Originally uploaded by eteamz photos. </span></div>



We were kind of avoiding this topic. Secretly hoping that we would wake up, and like a bad episode of ���Dallas���, find out it was all a bad dream. But it���s impossible to deny that Wayne Gretzky, arguably the greatest hockey player ever, is involved directly or indirectly in some rather unsavory gambling allegations.




Whether he knew or did not know that his wife and assistant coach were placing bets is difficult to say. But what is worth debating is whether Mr. Hockey should even be in Turin to support the Canadian national hockey team.




Players for Team Canada say Gretzky should definitely be there and fully support him. But the press conferences have been dominated by questions about ���Gretzky-Gate��� and one wonders would the team have better served by Gretzky staying home. Many contend that hockey ���owes��� Gretzky this honor---but does any sport owe an athlete anything?




Click here to tell us what you think about Wayne Gretzky���s participation in the Olympics. Also check out our hockey message boards to see what other members of the eteamz community are saying. And if you���d like to be a guest blogger here just click on the ���blog with us��� link



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Posted by Trish18 Feb 1, 2006

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The latest eteamz Snapshotz winner: JJ Piccinich of Paramus, NJ (age 9 in White #12) shown crashing the boards with the Montreal Snipers AAA Minor Squirts.



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Will U.S. Hockey Win in Torino?

Posted by Trish18 Dec 22, 2005



After a 5-2 loss in 2002 and four years to prepare, will the U.S. hockey team be ready to face Canada in Torino this February?




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