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Getting Cut from the HS Team

Posted by Trish18 Aug 4, 2006


Disappointed for You, Not in You.

By Jon Buzby








For thousands of dads around the country the next few weeks brings with it more anxiety than their worst day at work ~ high school training camps open up and there���s a chance your son or daughter is getting cut from the team!At that point I plan to be past the frustration (I still have a long way to go ~ fortunately cuts are two weeks away so there���s time) of watching him not prepare properly and instead do what I should do, what every parent should do ~ be disappointed for him, not in him.








That���s the message I plan to convey to him. That���s the message every child released from a team should hear from a parent when they make that call. That���s the message they need to hear.----




























<span style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt">Jon Buzby</span><span style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold">< </span>is a freelance writer and has published two books, ���Coaching Kids: It���s More than X���s and O���s��� and ���Raising a Sports Fanatic.��� Both books are available at



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