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Skateboarding Going for Gold

Posted by Trish18 Jun 13, 2007


Remember when baseball and softball got voted out of the Olympics? The popularity of baseball and softball is limited primarily to the Americas and Asia. As a result, the International Olympic Committee voted them to be the first sports cut from the Olympic program since polo in 1936. Unless voted back in, the 2008 Beijing Games will be the last chance for a nation���s baseball and softball teams to go for the gold.




Interestingly enough, skateboarding might fill that void. The IOC reportedly has held talks regarding the inclusion of skateboarding for the 2012 games in London. The huge success of snowboarding at the Winter Games has encouraged IOC President Jacques Rogge to support the skateboarding cause.




I am not too familiar with the global status of skateboarding, but it seems to me that the reason softball and baseball were voted out of the Olympics could apply as an argument to keep skateboarding out. Skateboarding never struck me as having worldwide popularity. Do you think skateboarding should be added?



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