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Active Team Sports

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Most Active Members of 2005

Posted by Trish18 Dec 29, 2005



Below is our list of the most active eteamz message board participants of 2005.




Wow! Amazing how much the community is getting involved and chatting about team sports topics. Come join in and check out all our forums.




Click on a name to view profile:




1. Bob Pariseau - 2908 posts

2. Coach TG - 2220 posts

3. Jana - 2107 posts

4. Manny A - 1958 posts

5. Lou - 1737 posts

6. Mark H. - 1723 posts

7. Atlanta Blue - 1678 posts

8. Rich Ives - 1450 posts

9. Rich - 1254 posts

10. [frank|



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There are quite a lot of parent and coach "battles" that go on in youth sports. Is it necessary? No. Is there a solution? Yes.




This basketball post is a great example of what to do when kids don't listen, a team loses, parents are upset, and coaches are criticized. Many times it's the true fundamentals that are overlooked.




Something else to think about is parenting. Coaches may want to write up some tips on how parents can help develop their child's sports skills and teamwork mentality, and even practice pla



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All Decked Out for Christmas

Posted by Trish18 Dec 23, 2005


[Rockford|] Originally uploaded by eteamz photos. </span></div>



Check out this eteamz baseball web site...all decorated up for the holidays.




See what other cool web sites you can find in the [eteamz site finder|



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Former Active (also known as The Active Network) employee, Dawna Stone, won The Apprentice - Martha Stewart last night. Dawna joins the rankings of Kelly Perdew, former (part of Active) employee, who was the winner of Donald Trump's The Apprentice 2.




BTW - Speaking of Kelly Perdew, he is up for Entrepreneur of the Year! You can vote for Kelly at







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Will U.S. Hockey Win in Torino?

Posted by Trish18 Dec 22, 2005



After a 5-2 loss in 2002 and four years to prepare, will the U.S. hockey team be ready to face Canada in Torino this February?




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Healthy Community

Posted by Trish18 Dec 22, 2005



At a time when 61 percent of survey respondents cite improved physical activity as a priority resolution for the new year, a new study conducted for the YMCA of the USA by Greenfield Online, Inc., reveals that seven out of 10 Americans say their community environment influences their level of physical activity and overall health.




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A First for Steroid Testing

Posted by Trish18 Dec 22, 2005



New Jersey high school teams that make it to state championship games are now subject to steroid testing. The New Jersey governor signed an order today that requires random testing. If an athlete test positive once, they're out.




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