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What do Gustavo Kuerten, Bjorn Borg, Venus and Serena Williams, Vince Spadea, and Paradorn Srichaphan have in common? Those are the most prominent names of thousands of tennis players who have been touched by the teachings of legendary Coach Oscar Wegner. And the master has made the LA area his new basis. His credo: Tennis is far simpler than it looks!


There is no shortage of tennis coaches in Southern California. Robert Lansdorp, Vic Braden, Billy Martin, Angel Lopez, Dennis Ralston, to name a few. One recent arrival, by way of Clearwater, Florida, is Argentinean tennis personality Oscar Wegner. His bio is as impressive as his drive to teach tennis to young and old, beginners and pros. Wikipedia writes He is credited as the first coach to draw a distinction between the way the best players played and the way the game was taught by the governing teaching organizations in the USA”. Wegner used this early observation, that tennis was being taught one way while the pros played in an entirely different way, to create his Modern Tennis Methodology. Brad Holbrook, TV Host and Producer, called Oscar “The father of modern tennis”, a fitting description for a man who switched from engineering to tennis in the sixties and made his profound mark on so many players all over the world.






Wegner's web site statesWhile watching those shows in the early 1990's, a Richard Williams of Los Angeles, California, decided to apply Wegner's teachings on his daughters Venus and Serena. The results were phenomenal, and even without participating in formal competition, the two youngsters quickly showed their championship qualities, securing important financial endorsements that facilitated their future careers.”


MTM Certification

Although Oscar Wegner's methods have revolutionized tennis instruction around the globe they have met with resistance from the conventional teaching establishment in the USA.  Fortunately, that outmoded way of thinking has been gradually changing., wrote in their May 2006 issue: “A lot has been written about the modern forehand with its natural movements, open stance, windshield-wiper swing, and most importantly, tracking the ball and waiting before taking the racquet back. Much of this has been pioneered by Oscar Wegner, who has been teaching this method since 1968. Back then, this was very controversial, however, history has proved him right.”


Wegner says that over the years he has received numerous requests from coaches who teach using his techniques to generate specific certification procedures.  He created a coaching organization called MODERN TENNIS METHODOLOGY (MTM), designed to “fill a void at the grassroots level for simple and easy “Play Like The Pros” tennis instruction”. The certification process, in addition to a database of certified teaching professionals is handled through the web site, home of the Modern Tennis Methodology Coaches Association.


Lucile Bosche´ is the General Manager of Oscar Wegner Enterprises, and an MTM Certified Coach. She says “This system is very different from conventional tennis teaching, with far superior results. It teaches you how the top pros stroke the ball, why and how to apply it to your game. The motto is: Find It - Feel It - Finish"





Oscar Wegner has published three books and a number of instructional DVD’s.



  • “Tennis In Two Hours” was published in 1989
  • “You Can Play Tennis in Two Hours” was published in 1992
  • “Play Better Tennis in 2 Hours” was published in 2005


The astounding number of DVD’s and sets, described as “These materials are very revolutionary and may shake instructions you had reinforced for years”, include titles like

  • Tennis 101/Play Like The Pros (Classic Series)
  • Master Strokes Vol.1 & Vol. 2 (Classic Series)
  • The 10 Amazing Secrets (Classic Series)
  • Advanced Tennis Techniques (Intermediate/Advanced Package)
  • Ultimate Professional Coaching Techniques (Int../Adv. Pack.)
  • Tennis Into The Future Vol. 1 – The Basics
  • Tennis Into The Future Vol. 2 – Modern Footwork
  • Tennis Into The Future Vol. 3 - Coaching Modern Strokes
  • Tennis Into The Future Vol. 4 - Modern Serves and Volleys


Southern California is home to hundreds, if not thousands of remarkable tennis professionals.  True legendary teaching pro’s, however, who made a mark on professional and recreational tennis players alike are a rare species. Oscar Wegner is truly a legend and has evolved from tour player to coach for the pros to teacher for recreational players. He helped Gustavo Kuerten and Bjorn Borg (during his comeback run) to some impressive achievements. He indirectly was instrumental in getting the careers of the Williams sisters and so many other celebrity players to bloom. Now he is ready to apply all this knowledge and teach the recreational players how to Play Like The Pros. Southern California is lucky to have Oscar Wegner as its resident.



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