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Love Means Nothing in Tennis

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The Southern California Tennis Association (SCTA) is based at the UCLA Campus in Los Angeles. The SCTA is one of the 17 USTA sections and offers a large Adult League tennis program throughout Southern California. Every year, Adult League players come to USTA League tennis matches with certain expectations that may not be based on the realities of the computerized ratings system.


SCTA League Coord.jpg

SCTA Adult League Coordinators at the 2011 Farmers Classic ATP tournament at UCLA



USTA (United States Tennis Association) Adult League players participate in League tennis matches with certain expectations based on what their individual understanding of the system is. Since many players do not really have a thorough understanding of what’s called the NTRP rating system, this can be cause of conflict and frustration. NTRP stands for National Tennis Ratings Program and is the USTA’s proprietary system of calculating and displaying an adult player’s accurate skill level.


Purpose of the NTRP Tennis Ratings Program
The USTA says on their Tennislink suite of web applications under NTRP: "The primary goal of the program is to help all tennis players enjoy the game by providing a method of classifying skill levels for more compatible matches, group lessons, league play, tournaments and other programs."

The premise is that the powers to be at the USTA want to make the league tennis experience competitive and enjoyable for as many players as possible by leveling the playing field as good as an almost 100% computerized system can allow it. Not an easy task with ½ million players involved. They can’t always make everyone of those players happy. But the number of players who think the system is fair and the matches are competitive and enjoyable is reportedly astounding.



Tennislink NTRP.jpg


SCTA Adult League Coordinators at the 2011 Farmers Classic ATP tournament at UCLA


Computerized Self-Rating of League Tennis Players
The computerized self-rating web application is the first point of contact for a new player or for someone with an expired rating. The more accurate the answers to the self-rate questions are the better the chances that a player will end up with the correct ratings level. Self-rate yourself too high and you may not be able to win very many points, let alone games. One may also find that their opponents are upset because they are not in a competitive match. Players who self-rate themselves too low are in danger of being disqualified for beating up on lower level players too easily. The different play levels within the NTRP ratings system are displayed in an easy to read diagram, the Player Guidelines.

Registration on a USTA Adult League Team
Getting on the correct USTA Tennis League team is an important part of providing a competitive and enjoyable match play experience. Players and Captains know when they are playing at the right level and the problems they can create for themselves and their opponents if they don’t. The player registration process on a League team happens online on Tennislink.

Match Play and Dynamic Tennis Ratings
Dynamic ratings are being calculated nightly for the USTA’s Adult and Senior League divisions only. The ratings of players allow predicted scores. When the actual score of the match differs from the predicted score, the dynamic ratings of all the players are adjusted slightly in the direction of the actual score. This can create situations where players lose a match but their rating increases because the score was close or they actually won when they were supposed to lose.

Tennis Ratings Levels are Based on a Figure in One Hundredths of a Point
Although players usually only see their whole level number, such as 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 etc., behind the scene the computer calculates all ratings in hundredths for the adult and senior divisions. Example: a 3.5 level player may actually have a rating anywhere between 3.01 and 3.50. This shows that a high 3.5 player with a rating of e.g. 3.47 may actually be well on her way to becoming a 4.0 player. Also, a low 3.5 player with a rating of 3.07 may be in danger of slipping down to a 3.0 level.

When do USTA League Tennis Matches Create Conflicts?
The situation is predictable. Players are out of level and may or may not know it. The case where a totally over-level player beats up on lower-rated players is actually quite rare. In a conflict situation one side is often not realizing they are playing at a level higher than their ability and they’re meeting opponents at the top of their level. A reality check is appropriate here and better information would go a long way for these players.

Year-end Ratings for Adult League Tennis Players
Towards the end of the year the NTRP Tennis Ratings Program has, through the calculation of daily dynamic ratings information, a pretty good picture about a player’s rating. They initiate the Year-end ratings calculation, which pulls more data in, adds the results of Championship matches, and creates Benchmark ratings that are filtering down in to the community of hundreds of thousands of tennis players and adding to the accuracy of ratings.
Year-end Ratings are good for 3 years (2 years for those aged 60 or older during the League year).

Is there Room for Improvement for League Tennis Ratings?
There certainly is. Beginning with the accuracy of the self-rating process, following the way daily ratings are calculated, and trying to eliminate sandbaggers and other non-standard match play dynamics, there is always room for improving the computer element in the process. One of the main areas for improvement, however, may just be better information for the average player. Alejandra Ordonez, SCTA’s Section League Coordinator for Adult Leagues says: “Although a ratings appeals process is in place, the more the players understand the system, the better they are able to see the bigger picture and help improve that very process.”






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