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ON,,, Again

Posted by trcyknny7 May 3, 2009

Well, its coming up on Mothers day again. Sigh. Last mother's day, I started the day off by standing on my bathroom scale. Never a good way to start the day, really. But, that shocker gave the motivation I apparently required to begin a weightloss extravaganza. From Mothers Day till Thanksgiving last year, I lost 40 pounds. I began by walking 1 mile a day and worked my way up to 5 miles a day of walking/jogging and yoga as often as I could fit it in.. Even though I went to bed exhausted every night and the housework went undone for weeks at a time, I felt better about myself than I had in a very very long time.I fit into clothes that had served no other purpose for the last few years except taking up space in my closet, I felt healthy and I felt confident... then the holidays came. I wouldnt say I fell so much as jumped head first off the wagon, and have not bothered getting back on. So, whats happened since then. I've completely given up the walking routine, I'm drinking pop like its water and I'm keeping a stash of chocolate chip cookies hidden in my desk. The vast majority of the weight I lost last year has come back to say hello again, like a dear old frien. "Hello there fat rolls" "Hello Tracy".


Needless to say,I am officially getting back on the wagon. This is my first post. I'll be back next week with more. Wish me luck!






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